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SabeeApp IHS Amsterdam

SabeeApp at Independent Hotel Show Amsterdam, 2019

Egle Silenaite-Enyed
May 16, 2019 9:48:05 AM

Few of our team members have just came back from Amsterdam where they represented SabeeApp in the Independent Hotel Show.

For the very first time, IHS this year was organised in Amsterdam as all the previous times, since it's establishment in 2012, it was happening in London. The purpose of this year's exhibition was to include Benelux, German and wider European audience.

There were 129 exhibitors offering their solutions for hospitality business. Starting from the bathroom robes and ending with the various technological solutions. It was expected to have more than 1500 attendees in quite a short, 2 day, time.

SabeeApp at IHS . SabeeApp stand at IHS

Conclusions we made after the exhibition:

➼ Even though, it was quite a small show, but from quality perspective it has been one of the best exhibitions we have ever been participating. It was very focused on a certain audience and therefore it was easy to talk to visitors. Everyone was highly educated about the business and seemed to be a real pro in what they're doing.

guestadvisor The overall topic which was dominating the exhibition was "guest check-in experience". There were several presentations happening about the future of the hotel technology. People were asking a lot about online check-in procedure and self-service possibilities.

"Online check-in is not a future, it is the present"

SabeeApp stand was a very successful and got a lot of attention. People were appreciating one thing the most: we offer all-in-one solution with in-house development. There were other companies at the exhibition who provided only PMS or only Channel management solutions. However, we had the solution that contains everything, no need to have multiple integrations. Seems that visitors really liked this fact and looked keen to try it out!

Overall experience of the exhibition was great. Probably the main solution what we made after the IHS, that small and very targeted exhibitions are our future. It brings more value to us, as business, and also for visitors. Looking forward for the next participations!

sabeeapp team at IHS

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