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7 core SabeeApp features

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GuestAdvisor concierge software

Multi-language virtual concierge software 

Automate the check-in process, improve guest experience, and boost your hotel's performance with the help of SabeeApp's GuestAdvisor tools.

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Why use GuestAdvisor hotel concierge software?

Our GuestAdvisor software is fully paperless, GDPR compliant, and seamlessly integrated with SabeeApp’s PMS hotel system. While it can handle numerous types of guest interactions, GuestAdvisor is not meant to replace your hotel staff, but rather to make their job easier, safer, and more effective. In particular, our software features the following:

online check-in
  •  Contactless online check-in

Take advantage of automation, and give your guests the opportunity to comfortably check in from wherever they want. No need to wait in a long line at reception! GuestAdvisor will send them a reminder once their check-in window is open, allowing them to move right in with no hassle. In addition, our application can also collect arrival, departure, and transfer information from bookers and other guests alike.

  •   Instant feedback

GuestAdvisor lets you request feedback from guests 30 minutes after their arrival. This allows you to receive helpful feedback quickly and easily—get positive comments on your outstanding hospitality, and take action quickly to resolve any potential issues that may arise. Guarantee guest satisfaction, and handle any potential problems as swiftly as possible.

instant feedback
cross-sell services
  • Cross-sell additional services

GuestAdvisor enables your guests to easily order some of the additional services offered by your hotel. Using SabeeApp’s top-notch concierge software, visitors can request services ranging from airport transfers to room service to spa appointments, all through a simple, user-friendly smartphone interface.

Concierge recommendations

GuestAdvisor provides your guests with useful information about your hotel and potential activities and attractions nearby. Whether they are looking for special in-house events, leisure activities, sightseeing tours, or popular restaurants in the area, GuestAdvisor has all the information they need.


Reservation and expenses overview

Using GuestAdvisor hotel concierge, your guests can easily keep track of all the relevant details pertaining to their reservation, as well as their expenses.


Your smartphone is
your room key

Our GuestAdvisor application features a special partnership with smart lock providers (Assa Abloy and NUKI). This means that, with our app, your guests can avoid having to worry about keycards, and can open their room doors using nothing but their smartphones.



"Even during the trying times of 2020
 our hotel was able to operate with
 the help of GuestAdvisor's
 contactless solutions."

 Andrea Megyeri - General Manager, Townhall Apartments

1 virtual concierge - 3 applications
Available in multiple languages

  • Guest portal (browser based)
  • Smartphone application (Available on AppStore and GooglePlay)
  • Tablet kiosk application (self-service)

GAT devices

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