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GuestAdvisor - Concierge Software

GuestAdvisor Concierge Software

Automate the check-in process, improve guest experience, and boost your hotel's performance with the help of SabeeApp's multi -language GuestAdvisor concierge software.

GuestAdvisor™ is part of SabeeApp™ Hotel Management System

Why use
Concierge Software

Our GuestAdvisor virtual concierge software is fully paperless, GDPR compliant, and seamlessly integrated with SabeeApp’s PMS hotel system. While it can handle numerous types of guest interactions, GuestAdvisor is not meant to replace your hotel staff, but rather make their job easier, safer, and more effective. 

virtual concierge software

Contactless online checkin

Give your guests the opportunity to comfortably check in from wherever they want. No need to wait in a long line at reception! GuestAdvisor will send them a reminder once their check-in window is open, allowing them to move right in with no hassle.

Reservations and account overview

Using GuestAdvisor hotel concierge software, your guests can easily keep track of all the relevant details pertaining to their reservation, as well as charges to their account.

Smartphone as a roomkey

Our GuestAdvisor application features a special partnership with  smart lock providers (Assa Abloy and NUKI). This means that, with our app, your guests can avoid having to worry about keycards, and can open their room doors using nothing but their smartphones.

Concierge recommendations

GuestAdvisor hotel concierge software provides your guests with useful information about your hotel and potential activities and attractions nearby. Whether they are looking for special in-house events, leisure activities, sightseeing tours, or popular restaurants in the area, GuestAdvisor has all the information they need.

Instant feedback

GuestAdvisor lets you request feedback from guests 30 minutes after their arrival. This allows you to receive helpful feedback quickly and easily—get positive comments on your outstanding hospitality, and take action quickly to resolve any potential issues that may arise.

Cross-sell additional services

GuestAdvisor concierge software enables your guests to easily order some of the additional services offered by your hotel. Using SabeeApp’s top-notch concierge software, visitors can request services ranging from airport transfers to room service to spa appointments, all through a simple, user-friendly smartphone interface.

Concierge software available in multiple languages

Give your guest an even better and customised guest experience! GuestAdvisor is available in multiple languages!

HIVE hostel using concierge software

The Hive is a stylish hostel in the heart of Budapest. The Hive one of the biggest hostels and also one of the most popular ones in Budapest, and has an unbeatable location. Staying at The Hive you can find yourself in the middle of everything from where any attractions are within touching distance, cool bars and restaurants are just around the corner too.


Easy check in and lifetime experiences are essential parts of modern hotel services. The Hive Hostel was perfectly aware of that when they chose our GuestAdvisor Application. GuestAdvisor provides Hive-guests a smooth online check-in process and useful information about attractions, restaurants and events near around the hostel.

GuestAdvisor concierge software:

Contactless Check-In and amazing guest experience

sabeeapp hotel concierge software

Reservation and Expense Overview

Informed guests are happy guests. After your guests make a reservation, they will be able access  SabeeApp Guest Advisor tools. Here they can see their reservation details and they can also control their accounts.


Online, Contactless check-in with Concierge Software

Online, Contactless Check-In not only saves you time but giving you a modern and safe check-in experience so you can forget about standing in long queues at the reception.


Upsell before arrival

If your guests forget to order any of your services during the reservation process, they can add them in Guest Advisor App, from the comfort of their sofa.


Guest Advisor App as a room key

Let your guests use their smartphone as a room key! You won't need to deal with room cards or physical keys anymore. Electronic locks supported by SabeeApp: Assa Abloy, Nuki Smart Lock and more to come.


Instant feedback after arrival

Guests are also able to send instant feedbacks with GuestAdvisor App, and that will certainly improve guest satisfaction: if they have a problem during their stay, you don’t have to wait until after departure to find out! The way of handling guest feedbacks can really make a difference in hospitality services.

1 virtual concierge software - 3 applications

Whether your guests prefer to use a smartphone application, a web browser or a check-in kiosk, we provide solutions for all of their needs.

GuestAdvisor concierge software
Guest portal (web based)
Smartphone application
Tablet Kiosk application

Guest Portal

Guest Advisor's browser based Customer Portal was created for those who are concerned to download a mobile application, but we'd like to encourage you not to be afraid of using smart applications. With mobile apps you can enjoy many benefits such as instant feedback or smart lock opening!

Smartphone application

Guest Advisor smartphone app has it all. All the features GuestAdvisor can provide, is stuffed into a modern, intuitive user interface to provide an excellent guest experience.

Tablet kiosk application

We understand that some of your guests prefer to do check-in, at the moment of their arrival. We have built a tablet application for them, which is linked to your property, so you can provide a modern check-in experience while serving multiple guests at the reception.

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