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SabeeApp Software Suite...

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SabeeApp ID Scanner

SabeeApp ID Scanner

Safe ID scanning for all property sizes and types

SabeeApp’s mobile ID scanner is here to take your front-desk operation to the next level. It helps you transform your old, time-consuming operation into a quick and smooth process. A powerful and easy-to-use tool to improve your reception’s work efficiency and your guests’ satisfaction. 


Smoother check-in and delighted guests

Its simplicity makes the SabeeApp ID Scanner exceptional.
A user-friendly app that fits seamlessly into your existing systems and is ready to use right away.


The ID Scanner is simple, easy to set up, and fast. Ready to use right after the configuration is completed, it saves you the hassle of involving new providers and synchronising your systems with unknown software.


With SabeeApp ID Scanner, you can save both money and time. It helps you avoid the expense of buying a new device and saves the time you would spend learning how to use it. Using the ID Scanner is super simple, all you need is a smartphone with Android or iOS.

Works with any ID

ID Scanner reads and securely transmits or stores the ID card, passport or driving licence data of all your local and international guests.

No fixed location

The ID Scanner gives you the flexibility to scan your guests’ documents anywhere at your property, not only behind the front desk. All you need is a smartphone and the data will automatically be transferred to the PMS system.

Synced with GuestAdvisor

One of the biggest advantages of the mobile ID Scanner its integration with GuestAdvisor. It means your guests can scan their travel documents even at home, before leaving, which significantly shortens the check-in process at your hotel.

Multi-property usage 

Do you manage multiple properties or more than one house? SabeeApp mobile ID Scanner has you covered. You can scan your guests’ data in all locations with just one app.

Your guests will love it

It’s time to forget about queuing at the front desk and filling out long registration forms. Thanks to the synchronisation of our GuestAdvisor application and the ID Scanner, your guests can scan their IDs and seamlessly transfer the data to your hotel’s PMS before arrival.

        • Sensitive data is handled securely
        • Quick scanning, seamless data transfer, even from home
        • Smooth check-in process, shorter waiting time at reception

Some guests may well wish to have their documents scanned upon arrival. We have them covered too. With our brand-new Front Office Manager app, your colleagues at reception can get the job done in the blink of an eye.

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

ID Scanner in practice

  1. After receiving the booking, you can send a link to your guests to download GuestAdvisor
  2. Once the app is downloaded to their device, guests can login to GuestAdvisor with the booking code they received earlier, and manage their booking on the simple, user-friendly platform. 
  3. As the arrival time approaches, guests will be notified to complete the online check-in.
  4. When checking in, guests can scan their documents easily using the ID Scanner, integrated into the GuestAdvisor.
  5. The guest’s data will then be transferred automatically and securely to your hotel’s SabeeApp PMS system.

+1 If your guests choose not to pre-scan their documents, their check-in will still be quick. Front-desk personnel can complete this in no time with the ID Scanner  integrated into our new Front Office Manager app.

SabeeApp ID scanner is an ideal choice if you..


operate a hotel, hostel, guest house, or any other type of accommodation.


are looking for an innovative, contactless ID reader that is also cost-effective.


need a flexible, easy-to-use tool that can be used anywhere.

need a system that is automated and saves you a significant amount of time.

want to provide an outstanding, special guest experience.

aim to have a more efficient and faster check-in process.

SabeeApp Smart Solutions

We are here to help you deliver an outstanding guest experience through innovative integrated solutions. ID scanning is part of our Smart Solution bundle which we created to cover the specific needs of hoteliers.

Here’s your chance to try Smart Solutions free for 15 days without any commitment. Book a free appointment with our consultant and learn what an innovative, automated hotel operation feels like.