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Airbnb Management Software

sabeeapp airbnb management software

Manage Multiple Airbnb Properties with Ease!

Keep track of and handle your various properties through one convenient app. Avoid hassle and miscommunication with SabeeApp’s Airbnb property management software!

  • Manage your Airbnb properties from anywhere: smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Write and respond to reviews
  • Accept, decline, and modify reservations
  • Communicate with all your properties’ Airbnb guests
  • Handle, and make changes to, your multi-calendar
  • Delegate various work functions and tasks
  • Communicate with your staff and co-workers
  • Easily keep track of the status of your various properties

A streamlined, user-friendly Airbnb management software

Handling one or two Airbnb properties on your own can be, generally speaking, a relatively manageable task. If you have many rentals hosted on the popular booking service, however, things can rapidly get complicated and unwieldy. With dozens, or even hundreds, of messages arriving from potential guests interested in many different apartments, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed.

For that reason, it’s useful to find an Airbnb software that can keep things straight for you. In this way, you can spend your time actually managing your rental properties, rather than juggling spreadsheets and scrambling to figure out where a particular message came from.

  • Unlimited Invoicing
  • Professional Reports
  • Contactless, Online Check-in
  • Keep Track of Guest Profiles and History
  • Manage Housekeeping
  • Personalized, Interactive Calendar
using airbnb management software
airbnb management software for rentals

SabeeApp: A cutting-edge Airbnb management software

In addition to serving as a top-notch Airbnb system, SabeeApp also offers a slew of features and functions that are indispensable for a modern hotelier. To give merely an incomplete overview, our Airbnb management software also features:

Whatever your organizational or management needs may be, taking advantage of SabeeApp can go a long way toward lightening your load!

Channel Manager: Booking Airbnb, and Much More

In addition to helping you manage and keep track of your Airbnb bookings, SabeeApp can also empower you to handle all of your bookings more easily, wherever they may occur.

This is accomplished through our specially designed channel manager, a tool that helps keep your calendar—including data on availability and rates—synchronized with online distribution platforms.

You can simplify your daily operations with a cloud-based channel manager software, which allows you to control online distribution, including Airbnb bookings, through a single platform.

Among its many useful features, SabeeApp’s channel manager can help you with the following:

  • Save time
  • Avoid overbookings
  • Increase revenue
  • Say goodbye to manual and double data entry
  • Increase revenue
  • Centralized control and oversight
  • Integration with PMS
airbnb management software from sabeeapp

Use Airbnb Smarter, and Better

SabeeApp’s Airbnb property management software not only makes it easier for you to manage your numerous properties—it can also help you make Airbnb work for you.

For example, by making it easier for you to send automated messages to guests, requesting their feedback and input, Airbnb software will encourage them to leave reviews of your accommodations. In addition to occasionally providing useful input, these reviews can be extremely useful in boosting the image of your properties. Rentals with more reviews on Airbnb are viewed as more trustworthy by potential guests. In this way, the additional reviews generated by Airbnb management software can help you earn additional guests in the future.

Similarly, taking advantage of an Airbnb property management service can also boost your ranking on the site itself. Airbnb’s ranking algorithm determines the order in which rentals appear among a potential visitor’s search results. As such, this is, without question, a factor worth paying attention to.

Airbnb’s algorithm is based on a variety of factors, including regular activity on the site, updating of your calendar, your response rate, and the number and quality of reviews you have received. As we’ve seen, juggling all these factors for multiple properties can be quite difficult on your own, and as such you might have a hard time achieving a higher ranking. With an Airbnb management software, however, you’ll find it much easier to pay attention to and manage all these factors, and by extension to achieve a higher ranking on this extremely popular site.

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