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Technology of a big hotel specially tailored to
Independent Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Guest Houses and the special needs of Hostels

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Our Cloud-based hotel software has all main functionalities and tools that you need to run your property.



A hotel PMS to manage your reservations, invoices, housekeeping, auto communications and much more.


Keep your availability and rates always in sync on OTAs and your own website. Preffered IT Provider


Direct sales opportunities are growing fast. You can boost your direct sales with our web based secure solution. Let your visitors book directly on your website commission free.
Accept Payments

Accept Payments

Secure Hotel Payments. Available for all countries.

Main Benefits of a Cloud Hotel Software

Enjoy unlimited storage space, bandwidth and uptime
Your data is always backed up
All communication with our servers are secure and encrypted.

We use the latest technology for data protection and security.
You can always download all your data for your convenience.

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hotel management system

People on every continent choosing SabeeApp Cloud Hotel Management System, to enchance their everyday life.

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Awesome customer support

Excellent team with great problem solving skills are there for you whenever you need help.

New.Are you thinking of changing your current PMS, Hotel System? We are here to help and make the transition a simple process!

Cloud-based hotel system: there is no need to install any hardware. All you need is an internet connection plus a browser and you are ready to go!

Assistance in data import: you won’t lose any data during the transition from your current PMS to SabeeApp. We will import all your data from the system you are using at the moment.

Free trainings: free webinars, an online knowledge base and a dedicated customer coach - we provide all the help you might need to make your transition to SabeeApp as smooth as possible.

Customer Coach: chat and email support, as well as the possibility of personalized one-on-one trainings.

Why you need a reliable management system for your hotel?

Doesn't matter what type accommodation you have, or how big it is - your main focus is your guest. But how can you dedicate time for your guests when all the time you have, has to be spent on administration work?
In order to be able to focus on your guests, you need to find a solution, that would help you in day-to-day operations. Using fully integrated hotel management system will give you all the time you need to spend with your guests and create bigger value.

Why choose cloud hotel software?

Working in hospitality business, doesn't mean you are locked to the front desk. You must be mobile and dynamic in order to optimise your work. That's why having cloud based system is a success key factor. You can access such system from any device at any place. All data is securely stored in our servers, so you don't need to worry about installation, upgrade and maintenance of the technology - we will do all those tasks for you.

SabeeApp is a winner of Business Excellence in June and July 2015, awarded by the Hungarian Ministry of Economy.
Ministry of Commerce, Hungary