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SabeeApp Software Suite...

All the tools you need to automate your operation and grow your business.


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Hostel Management System

Your time is valuable. Spend it on what really matters.

Hostel Management Software
Built for You

With SabeeApp, there’s no need to scramble from spreadsheet to spreadsheet, wasting precious hours attempting to figure out what exactly is going on with your hostel. Instead, you’ll find all the information you need, right at your fingertips. What’s more, with our hostel software, you won’t need to hire an army of IT specialists to deal with technical headaches. Our services are user-friendly and cloud-based - they were all designed with our clients in mind.

hostel management software from sabeeapp

Hostel management 

Are you working with mixed room types at multiple locations? SabeeApp's room management tools are here to make your everyday operation easier. Whether you have private rooms, dormitory, male only, female only or mixed rooms, we have you covered!


Managing groups

Backpackers would often travel together looking for a social experience. Having an intuitive tool to manage group reservations, is more than important.


Guest Experience

Hostels are a very popular type of accommodation amongst younger, tech savvy guests. Provide digital tools for them to keep them informed about your hostel and the activities nearby. Make their stay even remarkable!

Achieve more with SabeeApp Hostel Management Software

benefits of using a hostel software

For hostels, booking arrangements can present particular challenges. With large, multi-bed rooms, it can be difficult to juggle a variety of bookings and guest requests.  Instead of running around, attempting to handle each problem as it arises, hostel software can help you step back and see the larger picture. Connect with the biggest sales channels, manage bookings easily and make your hostel's revenue sky rocket!

HostelWorld connection

HostelWorld is the leading global online travel agency focusing on the hostel market. Increase your bookings by being present on HostelWorld as well as on other OTAs with the help of our integrated Channel Manager solution.


HostelsClub is a young and dynamic booking platform promoting hostels and budget accommodations across the world. Take advantage of the real time connectivity with the help of SabeeApp Channel Manager.

Direct Bookings

Let your guests add multiple room types to their shopping cart, while they are making a direct reservation via SabeeApp Booking Engine. A single direct reservation can contain male only, female only and mixed dormitory rooms as well as private rooms

Hostel Management System
with a wide range of features

With software that features both a hostel reservation system, and additional time-saving features, you can quickly and easily streamline everyday tasks. With our hostel management software you can automate these repetitive tasks, saving yourself valuable time—and money.

Room management

Managing groups

Guest Experience tools


Room management

Dormitory management

Manage mixed, female only and male only dormitory rooms. Reservations automatically get assigned to dorm beds. Easily move reservations between beds or room types.

Private rooms

Create private rooms and manage them in the same calendar view as your dorms. Use the occupancy graph above your calendar to quickly check daily occupancy and availability on a room type level.

Managing groups

Quick add groups

Create a new group reservation in just a few seconds. Simply assign a group name, select the dates, rooms and prices. These reservations are indicated separately in your calendar.

Price quote

Your front desk team receives walk-in guests or group inquiries over the phone? Enable them to quickly provide information about room availability and prices.

Group list

Search and filter group reservations, arranged under a clear list. Easily navigate between reservation details and group members.

Guest Experience tools

Online check in

Guests can check in online, making the arrival process a breeze. Collect information just like airline companies, via our browser based guest portal or GuestAdvisor smartphone application.

Self Service Kiosk

Online check-in is not completed? No worries, use a tablet kiosk at your front office desk, our GuestAdvisor is totally compatible with iOS and Android tablets. Save time for your front desk team by letting your guests self-check in.

Program recommendations

Hostels are all about social experience. With the help of our GuestAdvisor Application you can provide your guests with the latest information about nearby places, activities, restaurants and clubs.


Smartphone Application 

Available for iOS and Android smartphones. User friendly interface to keep track of room cleanliness. Let the housekeeping staff update room status with one-click.

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One software. Endless possibilities.

We’re confident in the quality of our hostel management software, but we understand that changing your management system can be a big decision.

For that reason, we offer one-on-one free consultations, as well as a totally free, 15-day trial account. Sign up here for an online consultation with one of our friendly advisors today!