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You can simply add Our Booking Engine to your existing website. It lets you start getting confirmed bookings for your rooms.
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Secured Booking Engine

We use the latest SSL technology to secure your clients sensible data.

Tripadvisor Certified

Sabee passed the Tripadvisor certification process, and now it is proudly presented as a Tripadvisor Premium Partner.

Accept Payments

You can use PayPal, Stripe or SabeePay to accept direct payments on your Internet Booking Engine.

Majority of your guest visiting your page on OTA will check your website too.

Are you ready to convert them into bookers? SabeeApp Internet Booking System is ready.

Clean design

Optimized for conversion

Commission free

Do you know what is the conversion rate of your current booking engine?

At the end of the day this is the most important thing what matters: How many Booking Engine visitors will book directly with you!

All these features will help you to have high conversion rate.

Easy to implement

Copy the short code of the "check availability" widget, and insert it to your website. That's it!

Conversion optimized

It is not enough to only have a Booking Engine. You have to be sure that the money you spend on bringing customers to your site are converted into bookings.

Fully customizable

The engine can be customised to match your visual style. You've got full control over the policies for bookings, cancellation, and all the texts on the booking engine.

Mobile / Tablet Support

The number of people visiting your websites on their mobile devices is growing continuously. If you don't offer them a mobile optimized booking engine, you will lose them. You wouldn't do that, would you?

Use promotional codes

If you have a special price communicated with your audience, accept your promotion code on your website.

Create Discounts

Give discounts to your returning guest, and address them by name.

Multiple bookings and multiple room types

Clients will be able to book any number of rooms, multiple room types with only one booking.

Beautiful, automatic confirmations

After a successful booking, the client will get an automatic confirmation. You have full control on the text and branding.

Facebook App

Unlock the power of social media. Visitors to your Facebook Page now can book directly from your Facebook booking engine.

PMS connected

All reservations arriving through Booking Engine will be automatically confirmed. You don't even have to upload it to SabeeApp. It is automatically there.

IBE speaks 14 languages

If a booking engine speaks your language you will feel more confident, wouldn't you? Your guests would feel that too.

What is the Internet Booking Engine?

If you have a website of your property, you should not miss the opportunity to receive direct, commission free reservations. Internet Booking Engine (IBE) can be integrated in your website so potential future guests, who lands at your website, would have a possibility to make reservation, without being redirected to OTAs.

SabeeApp booking engine can be integrated not only in the hotel's website but also to Facebook page, so your Facebook page visitors can also make a real, confirmed reservation without being sent to third parties!

Why to you use the Internet Booking Engine?

The answer is simple - it guarantees you commission-free reservations.

The Sabeeapp booking engine is also fully integrated with the rest of the system, which means that all newly made direct reservations will come to your PMS calendar and connected OTAs. S

If a room gets booked on OTA - it will automatically get closed on the booking engine as well, so you will not need to deal with any of this manually.