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Payment Solution tailored for the Hospitality Industry

SabeeApp makes it easy to process credit and debit card payments on your booking engine and with a one-click payment in your app.

Use Globally

SabeePay was built to be accessible from everywhere. There's no restriction on the business location.

Simple, Easy, Reliable

No need to have any other extra account somewhere else. Everything comes to SabeeApp, which makes the whole ecosystem very reliable.

Automatic Invoicing

As in so many other parts with SabeeApp, let the software work for you. You can set the invoice to be generated automatically, and you can even decide to be sent automatically.


With SabeePay hoteliers are able to: 

  1. Validate every single credit card that arrives to the system, automatically ( exceptions: OTA virtual cards ) 
  2. Charge on arrival, departure or non-refundable booking in advance with one click of a button
  3. Accept payments on your website and booking engine
  4. Charge OTA virtual cards
  5. Clean, straightforward reports
  6. Automatic invoicing for your convenience.
SabeePay idea was born from watching and listening our customers problems. We wanted to make the struggle of the payment processes including credit card validation, prepayments and non refundable advance payments easy and efficient.

Simple, transparent pricing

The money collected by SabeeApp will be transferred directly to your bank account on a regular basis.

2% + 1€ 

per succesful transaction



No refund costs
No hidden fees
No monthly fee

Accepted currencies are growing fast

With SabeePay you are able to accept EUR. The list of accepted currencies is continuously growing.

Awesome Check-out experience

SabeePay was designed to give the smoothest check-out experience as possible to your guests.

Refund handling

Full or Partial refunds has never been easier. One click. Simple and it's FREE.


Disputed payments, such as chargebacks, incur a fee. If the customer’s bank resolves the dispute in your favour, the fee is fully refunded. 
Dispute cost is 20 € / dispute.


Automatic Credit Card Validation

A new credit cards arriving to SabeeApp will be charged with 1 EUR and if the transaction was successful we automatically refund the money. With this method we are able to check if the card details were accurate and also if international payments are enabled on the the card.


Good to know:

  • If the reservation arrives from booking.com and the card was invalid, you have the possibility to report the Credit Card as invalid directly from Sabee, no need to do it on B.com extranet. Unfortunately no other OTA provides this service yet
  • We will skip checking the OTA provided virtual cards, we assume that those cards are valid

Payments with one click of a button

With SabeePay we introduced One-Click payments. Processing a payment as easy as one click of a button. If the credit card was given during the reservation process, in case of a non-refundable booking you have the right to charge the client in advance. By navigating to the reservation page you only have to push the “Proceed to payment” button. One click, that’s it.

What type of charges does SabeePay cover?

  • Advance Payment for Non-Refundable Bookings
  • Payments on your own website when you use SabeeApp Booking Engine
  • Process payments upon arrival or departure *
  • Charging of OTA virtual Cards

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