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SabeePay hotel payments

SabeePay - simplified multi channel hotel payments

Manage online and physical transactions on one platform, and let SabeePay save you time, effort, and money!

SabeePay™ is part of SabeeApp™ Hotel Management System

Hotel Payments
supercharged with
Payment Gateway

SabeePay supports all hotel transaction types with competitive transaction fees. It offers instant payouts to your MyPOS merchant account, and can be seamlessly integrated with your SabeeApp PMS.

Multi channel hotel payments

Bookings guaranteed

Due to new PSD2 regulations, credit card guarantees are the past. You can get your reservations guaranteed by asking your guests to validate the reservation amount before their arrival, which you can charge on them if they don’t meet the requirements of your cancellation policy or in case of no-shows.

Endless automations

Validating reservation amounts and charging non-refundable reservations is the guest’s responsibility. For you as a hotelier, everything is automated.  Charging several Online Travel Agency virtual cards in bulk is just click away. 

Credit card terminals

SabeePay uses modern credit card machines to accept in-person payments which means instant payouts to your MyPos account. In-person payment is a quick and easy way to start transactions with one click in your PMS.

Get paid anywhere, any-way with SabeePay
Omnichannel Hotel Payments

In - Software

SabeePay payments are quick, easy and integrated into SabeeApp PMS as well as our Customer Portal. With payment control functions, - automations and reports you will be always in control of your properties financial operation.

On - Booking Engine

Pre-authorisation and real time payments are also enabled on your Internet Booking Engine, which means your guests can pay right at the time of the booking.

In - Person

We provide physical card machines which allow you to easily process credit card payments without administrating the cards and amounts manually. You can start transactions right from your PMS, with a click of a button. 

Secure hotel payments

Why choose

Secure Hotel Payments

SabeeApp is providing outstanding security measures just as the providers we are in partnership with. MyPos with PCI DSS and PTS standards, guarantees safe card payment processing. This is providing a fully secure payment solution for our clients.


All myPOS devices ensure the safety of all transactions you make and receive. Moreover MyPOS is using advanced fraud-detecting mechanisms and security services. These monitoring systems help to protect your property.


sabeeapp-pci-compliant-1       sabeeapp-ssl-secure       sabeeapp-gdpr-compliant


PSD-2 compliance 

Enacted by the European Union, the second Payment Services Directive will ensure the security of online payments from 2020 September the 1st. This means that guests will need to validate online transactions in accordance with strong customer authentication (SCA).


Elments of SCA are the following:


- Password or pin code only known by the guest

- Smart device owned by the guest

- Guest’s fingerprint or face recognition

Chargebacks eliminated

Chargebacks can be a real headache in hospitality industry. Well, not anymore. We carefully build our processes in order to minimise the risk of a chargebacks. By using a PSD2 compatible payment solution, you wont need to deal with chargebacks anymore. 



Multi channel
Hotel Payments

integrated into our PMS

Integrated hotel payments

Transaction Types

Accepted Currencies

Card terminals

Transaction Types

With SabeePay you will be able to handle Flexible and Non-Refundable bookings automatically as well as charging Online Travel Agency's virtual cards with one click.


Flexible reservation

Your guests can pre-authorise their reservations, regardless the reservation source, which can guarantee their bookings. With this method you can avoid a penalty fee in case of late cancellations or no shows.


Non-Refundable reservations

After a reservation is made, your guests will be redirected to Booking Engine's Customer Portal to complete payment.


Virtual credit cards, Expedia, Agoda, just to name a few of the big online travel agencies, provide virtual credit cards (VCC) for the hotels to collect payments. SabeeApp notifies you when payments are due, so you can charge them in bulk with one click.


Accepted currencies

SabeePay is only available in the European Economic Area.


Euro (EUR)  Polish złoty (PLN Norwegian krone (NOK) 
British pound (GBP) Romanian leu (RON) Danish krone (DKK) 
US dollar (USD)  Czech korona (CZK Icelandic króna (ISK)
Swiss franc (CHF) Croatian kuna (HRK) Bulgarian lev (BGN)
Hungarian forint (HUF)  Swedish krona (SEK) Japanese yen (JPY)

Card terminals

Terminals web

Order your card machine to accept in-person payments. Card Machines are directly integrated to SabeeApp PMS, so you can initiate transactions right from your PMS. 

See the list of compatible devices: SabeeApp compatible myPos devices >>


Card machines are provided by our payment provider partner MyPos.mypos logo-1 MyPOS is supporting multiple currencies and enables different payment types  including debit - , credit -  and prepaid cards, while minimising transactional costs. 




Simple pricing!
Say goodbye to
fixed costs

  Consumer Commercial
Credit or debit card issued in EEA* 2% 3%
Credit or debit card issued in NON-EEA* 3.5% 3.5%
American Express, Union Pay, JCB 3% 3%


With SabeePay you can forget about fixed monthly subscription fees, setup fees and hidden costs.

We provide fees based on your guests' card type, starting from 2% per successful transaction.

Sample OTA virtual card (VCC) automation with SabeePay

SabeePay automated payments

Receive a reservation with VCC

The reservation will be automatically saved to your PMS with auto-room assignment. Data of the Virtual Credit Card will be securely stored.


Amount becomes available

Once we detect an amount due on a VCC, we will notify your staff via SabeeApp dashboard.  You can be always in control of your payments.


Charging VCC reservations

It only takes a click to charge a VCC.


Bulk charging VCC reservations

You can also charge VCCs in bulk, with a single click.


Receive your money

After a successful charging, you will receive an instant payout to your myPOS merchant account.

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