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Hospitality Industry

SabeeApp makes it easy to process credit or debit card payments on your booking engine and with oneclick payment in your app.

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Did you know? With SabeePay you can pre-authorise cards instantly and charge them if the customers do not show up. No more worries about no-shows!

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The money collected by SabeeApp will be transferred directly to your bank account on a regular basis.

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2.1 % + 50¢
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  • No monthly fees
  • No refund costs
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SabeePay was built to be accessible from everywhere. There's no restriction on the business location.


The Payment processor behind SabeePay is OTP Mobile, the well known, trusted company with PCI-Compliance level 1 certification. More about OTP Mobile


No need to have any other extra account somewhere else. Everything comes to SabeeApp, which makes the whole ecosystem very reliable.


With SabeePay you are able to accept EUR, USD and HUF. The list of accepted currencies is continuously growing.


Disputed payments, such as chargebacks, incur a fee. If the customer’s bank resolves the dispute in your favor, the fee is fully refunded.
Dispute cost is 20 € / dispute.

Other benefits

Refund Handeling

Full or Partial refunds has never been easier. One click. Simple and it's FREE.

Awesome check-out experience

SabeePay was designed to give the smoothest check-out experience as possible to your guests.

Automatic Invoicing

As in so many other parts with SabeeApp, let the software work for you. You can set the invoice to be generated automatically, and you can even decide to be sent automatically.

Hotel Payments

Most of the times, hotels are dealing with guests payments by charging their bank card via bank terminal. Smaller properties, who doesn't operate bank terminal, accept only cash payments or bank transfers. However, those two last mentioned options, are not very trustworthy because in case of no-show, you remain with a loss and bank transfers can take long time and requires additional attention.

Hotel Payment Gateway can ensure you that you will not be left with unpaid reservations. You will be able to charge guest's card without bank terminal, so it will be a great help for smaller properties.

Guests will be able to initiate the payment by themselves with one click, so no more time consuming bank transfers.