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7 core SabeeApp features

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Payment solutions tailored to the needs of the hospitality industry

SabeePay makes it easy to validate and process credit or debit card payments on your booking engine.

Automatic validation

We automatically charge each new card with 1 EUR, and in case the transaction is successful we refund the amount. With this method we can make sure the card details entered by the guests are accurate, and that international payments are enabled on the card.

Charge with one click

You can charge your guests' credit or debit cards, as well as OTA's virtual cards with just one click. On the reservation page simply click on the "Charge card" button. Full and partial charges are both available. 

Online payment

Guest who make a reservation through the SabeeApp booking engine will be able to pay the full amount online. Invoices are also automatically generated and sent to them. 

"The idea of SabeePay came to us after exploring and listening to or customers main painpoints. We wanted to make complicated payment processes -including credit card validation, prepayments and non refundable advance payments- easy and efficient."

How do the transfers work?

The money collected through the online payments gets automatically transferred to your account on a regular basis. The threshold will depend on the number and amount of the transactions.

2.5% + 1€  /
successful transaction

Transaction fee

0,06 € /
validated card

Validation fee

Features that make daily transactions easier

Automatically validate every card as soon as they are entered into the system, and lower the cancellation rate

Charge with one click upon arrival, check-out, or in advance in case of non-refundable reservations

Accept payments through the SabeeApp booking engine in case of guaranteed reservations

Charge OTA virtual cards with one click

Review the transactions with the help of simple and easy-to-use reports

Use the automatic invoicing feature

Why should you choose SabeePay?

It is simple and safe 
No fixed monthly fee
No hidden fees 
No refund fee

Globally available

Use our payment system from anywhere in the world, currenly with Euro (€) only. The list of accepted currencies is expanding.

Secure data handling

SabeeApp and Simple by OTP comply with the safety standards of international payment card handling procedures. Both of them are also PCI compatible.

Easy refund process

Full and partial refunds have never been so easy. You can process them with one click, for free.

Simple reports

Look through money transfers and validated cards easily. In case of Booking.com reservations declined cards will automatically be reported by the system.