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Channel Manager
No more overbookings
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Hotel Channel Manager

Channel Manager keeps availability and rates always in sync on all connected channels and your own website. It also processes new reservations, modifications and cancellations.

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Channel Management Software

Did you know that an average 16 room hotel without a channel manager with 2515 bookings a year, will spend 7545 minutes on administration and 12575 minutes on keeping all partners calendars up to date! How much time do you spend on administering your reservations? Reduce this time to 0 with SabeeApp Channel Management Software.

Benefits of using a Channel Manager

Save time

There is no need to update your extranets, which saves you a huge amount of time.

No overbookings

Overbooking is a thing of the past. Stay stress free.

Increase revenue

More channels more sales. In addition to a pooled inventory model, you can put more of your rooms online.

Integrated with SabeeApp PMS, Channel Manager has even more to give

No double data entry
The reservation from your OTA partners comes directly to your PMS, with all its details. No need to enter them manually. 

Save even more time
Cancellations and modifications are also handled automatically.

Mission control
Synchronize your prices, restrictions, close out dates and rate plans directly from SabeeApp. Its like your own Mission Control.

Channel Manager Hotel

Most popular online distribution channels

Recommended for hotels, hostels, b&bs and serviced apartments.

Tripadvisor connection

1-way iCal technology based synchronisation

  • Housetrip
  • Wimdu
  • Housetrip
  • Wimdu
  • 9Flats.com
  • Flipkey
  • Roomorama
  • Red Apple Apartments
  • Ferienwohnung Wien {@austrian}
  • Rentxpress.com



Channel Manager itself was a real revolution for the hotel industry...

...but we took it even further and integrated it with our PMS and Internet Booking Engine. These usually separately used softwares works so smooth together, that it eliminates the hassle of using separate systems for each.

Hotel Channel Manager

What is a Hotel Channel Manager

Channel manager is a feature, which allows you to have your PMS calendar and prices in sync with your online sales channels. To make life and work easier, it is recommended to have a cloud based channel manager integrated with your PMS, which would give you possibility to access and control your online sales just from one centralised platform.

Why to use Channel Management Software?

You probably noticed, how much time it takes to update all hotel distribution systems that you are linked with. Just to update calendar manually to several OTAs can take up to one hour. What if right after that you need to apply modifications to the same date? It will take another hour. In bigger properties there is a separate person, who deals only with these tasks.

Is it really worth to waste a great human mind on calendar/price update?! No! You should place that person in front of the guest, so they can interact and provide better, personalised service.

Channel manager can deal with those tasks in just a few second, so try to use all the benefits provided by our technology.