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Integrated Hotel Channel Manager

Hotel Channel Manager

SabeeApp’s integrated hotel channel manager synchronizes rates and availability in real time, 24 hours a day.

Channel Manager™ is part of SabeeApp™ Hotel Management Software Preferred IT Provider

Benefits of using Hotel Channel Manager

A channel manager is a tool that helps keep your calendar—including data on availability and rates—synchronized with online distribution platforms.

Simplify your daily operations with a cloud-based channel manager software for hotels, which allows you to control online distribution through a single platform.

sabeeapp hotel channel manager

Save time by using channel manager software

No more wasted time on manual extranet updates. SabeeApp channel manager works for you 24/7.

Avoid overbookings

Overbooking is a nightmare in travel industry. With using a channel manager you can avoid most of it. At SabeeApp we took this even further. Our clients are proudly experiencing less then 0.05% overbookings.

No more double data entry

All reservations made through your OTA partners are directly integrated into our hotel PMS: there’s no need for additional manual entries.

Increase revenue with hotel channel manager

More channels mean more sales for you. With a reliable hotel channel manager you can expand your sales network without any additional cost. 

Mission control

Synchronize your rate plans and availability, and manage restrictions such as minimum stay or check-out times, all directly through SabeeApp. 

Channel Manager Integration with PMS

SabeeApp channel manager is connected to our PMS which comes with a lot of benefits, like rich guest data, no data discrepancy and a seamless information flow.

Do more with SabeeApp!
Reach more guests using the largest online distribution channels!


channel manager booking system

Take a look at our Channel Manager process

channel manager software for hoteliers

1. Start connection

After you've requested a connection at an online distribution platform, our dedicated support team will do the mapping of your inventory and rate plans.

2. Setting initial prices and availability

After the connection is ready, you can see a snapshot of your current inventory, availability and prices. These are going to be uploaded on the connected distribution platforms and to the Internet Booking Engine.

3. Deliver reservations - automated room assignment

SabeeApp processes the incoming reservations, then assigns them to different room types automatically. Once ready the hotel will be notified by the system. Your Channel Manager then synchronises rates and available dates with your changed inventory.

4. Syncing availability with the speed of light

SabeeApp's hotel channel manager tracks automatically every change in your inventory, in just a few milliseconds.

Innovation in
Channel Manager

Channel Management

Action Driven Synchronisation

We know that the speed of data synchronisation is crucial factor. Luckily our Channel Manager synchronising data in real-time, on all sales channels.

As an example, when there is a change in the number of your available rooms, Channel Manager is syncing data immediately to make sure that your listing on the connected sales channels are always up to date.

Direct API connections

SabeeApp Channel Manager has direct, two- way API connections with many online distribution channels. With our dedicated product development team, we deliver the best service possible to meet your needs.

Check out our Online Travel Agency Partners.

Be visible with our hotel channel manager software

List your hotel, hostel or apartment rental on all major booking platforms and on local domestic travel agencies websites, to get even more reservations!

Hotel channel manager with no added commission

SabeeApp does not charge any extra fees on bookings arriving through the hotel channel manager software. In addition you can sync an unlimited number of channels and multiple accounts per channels.

Preferred partnership

SabeeApp channel manager is highly recognised and awarded as a preferred partner of and Airbnb.  This gives us access to these platform's early stage innovations and provides upgraded technical assistance from them.

Inventory Management by Hotel Channel Manager

Assistance in room mapping

Setting up distribution channel connections can be tricky.  We provide premium channel connection services such as room mapping for free, to make this process even easier for you.

Hotel channel manager updates in a few seconds

Once we detect a change in your inventory, we start the data synchronisation to all connected channels immediately, as well as in the booking engine.

Inventory pooling

Serve all your connected sales channels from one inventory, in order to maximize your occupancy.

Rate Management

Easy pricing

Rate- and room relation tools can make your daily pricing process a breeze. After setting your prices, the channel manager synchronise them right away, with no delays.

Channel specific pricing

Would you prefer to set different price to different sales channels? You can manage this easily. Just connect different rate plans to different channels and set a relation between them. With this method you only have to change your price once. 

Reservation Delivery with Hotel Channel Manager

Straight into the PMS

Reservations made on your website or on any connected sales channels, are managed by our channel manager, which transfers these reservations directly into SabeeApp PMS. 

Auto room assignment

Based on the room-type, our automated mechanisms assign the right reservation to the right room.

Rich data bookings

Unlike most of the Channel Managers, SabeeApp delivers your reservations into the PMS with all the data coming from online distribution channels, including credit card data. 

Multiple currencies

Specify the currency you would like the to be in sync with, in Channel Manager.  You can use different currencies in case of different sales channels.

Automated Payment Process

Take advantage of SabeePay - our very own payment solution, which complies with PSD2 regulations. Let your guests proceed their payments on your customer portal. Non refundable payments, pre-authorisation and personal payments have never been easier with our integrated Hotel Payment Solution.

VCC Charge

The virtual credit card details from online travel agencies such as, Expedia and Agoda arrive to the hotel PMS. Complete the transaction directly here with the help of our hotel payment gateway.

Hotel Channel Manager Reports

Channel production riport

Use our channel production riport to take data driven decisions and be aware of the performance of your sales channels, commissions and revenue per channel. 

Why choose SabeeApp's Hotel Channel Manager?

We are creative professionals

SabeeApp is created and driven by a versatile, dedicated team of experienced professionals. With our deep knowledge of the latest developments in hospitality industry software, we are ideally situated to help you and your hotel operate better and more efficiently.

Since 2011, our team has been working hard to develop tools that simplify the everyday lives of hospitality professionals. While it’s only been on the market since 2013, over the course of the past 7 years SabeeApp has grown rapidly, and has been used by over 1300 partners worldwide.

We have clients all over the world

Our innovative software is already being used by hotels and other types of accommodations in over 70 countries and counting, all over the world. With offices in both Europe and Asia, we’re ideally suited to work with hotels or other lodgings from anywhere in the world. What’s more, we’ve already developed a clear track record of professionalism, attention to detail, and success.

Read our success stories

Check a few of our happy client's feedbacks, who are already using SabeeApp's channel manager software:

“saved my time and prevented many mistakes.”

“excellent customer support,”

"SabeeApp played a critical part in our business since…opening.” 

“This is the best web app for hoteliers”

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Similarly, the owner of a “small family run hotel” noted that, before SabeeApp, they had been handling data entry on their own. After making the switch to SabeeApp, they sent us the following message:

“SabeeApp makes my life so much easier! I cannot believe how much time I’m saving!, everything is online and easy…and if we need help, our customer coach is always available to answer our questions very quickly!”

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