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Software Suite

All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.


Efficient daily operations for hotels.

Booking Engine

Commission-free direct bookings.

Smart Solutions

Online check-in, Housekeeping and more.

Channel Manager

Synchronized online distribution.


Multichannel payment solutions.

Unified Inbox

Centralised guest communication.

Software Suite

All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.



Digital solutions for independent hoteliers.


All in one software for an efficient operation.


Give a life-time guest experience.

One software. Endless Possibilities.

Adopt the best in hotel technology with the help of SabeeApp.


Automates repetitive daily tasks.

Guest Journey

Deliver an outstanding guest experience.

SabeePay for your hotel

Multichannel payment solutions.


The best partner for your cleaning team.

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Channel Manager
SabeeApp Channel Manager allows hotels to update rates and availability in real-time on all connected channels 24/7.
Why use a Hotel Channel Manager

Synchronise all your sales channels in real-time

The Channel Manager ensures your hotel's room inventory is accurately reflected across all platforms and minimises any risk of overbooking.
You can also increase your property's revenue with SabeeApp Channel Manager by optimising pricing, increasing occupancy, and reaching new audiences through multiple channels.
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Keep your room availabilities and rates synchronized

Avoid overbookings and double-data entry

Reach higher sales rates and enhance revenue
Why use SabeeApp Channel Manager

Much more than just a Channel Manager

Unlike most Channel Managers, SabeeApp is not a standalone channel manager but a crucial part of the SabeeApp platform. Therefore all innovations introduced by any OTA will be built into your SabeeApp PMS.
This results in SabeeApp being among the market's richest data PMS and Channel Manager combinations.
Action Driven Synchronisation
We know that the speed of data synchronisation is a crucial factor. SabeeApp synchronises data in real-time and instantly updates all sales channels. No delays.
Direct API connections
SabeeApp has direct, two-way API connections with multiple online distribution channels. With our dedicated product development team, we deliver the best service possible to meet your needs.
No added commission
SabeeApp does not charge extra fees for bookings arriving through the channel manager. In addition, you can sync an unlimited number of channels and multiple accounts per channels.
Preferred partnership
SabeeApp is a highly recognised and awarded preferred partner of and Airbnb. This gives SabeeApp and its users access to early-stage innovations and provides upgraded technical assistance from these key platforms.
Inventory pooling
Serve all your connected sales channels from one inventory for maximised occupancy and optimised operations.
Channel specific pricing
Manage price per sales channel with ease using the channel manager. You can set up different rate plans according to a channel by setting a relation between them. You will never need to change the price multiple times again.
Straight into the PMS
Reservations made on your website or on any connected sales channels are managed by our channel manager, which transfers these reservations directly to SabeeApp PMS.
Data rich bookings
Unlike most Channel Managers, SabeeApp delivers your reservations to the PMS with all the data from online distribution channels, including encrypted credit card data.
Auto room assignment
Based on the room type, our automated mechanisms will assign the right reservation to the right room.
optimising sales strategies

Reporting on booking sources and revenue.

Learn and take decisions based on past (and future) data. You'll maximise your revenue by implementing a dynamic pricing strategy and streamlining the distribution efforts.
Reach wider audience

The key to unlocking your hotel's full potential.


Optimizing pricing, increasing occupancy, and reaching new audiences through multiple channels.

Customer experience

Offer real-time availability to customers which ensures no overbooking.

Online visibility

Distributing inventory across multiple online channels working 24/7.


Allowing you to scale your distribution and revenue management efforts without increasing staff.

Save time and maximise your property's occupancy with 60+ channels, 0% added commission, and 0-24 availability.
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Seamless integration with online travel agencies

Trusted by the biggest players in the travel industry.

SabeeApp software suite

Seamless connection for an ideal guest experience.

All SabeeApp products are designed to work flawlessly together and to elevate the overall guest experience.



The PMS is the central hub where reservations are synchronised and organised in real time.

Booking Engine

It provides guests with a seamless and smooth reservation experience, and turns your website into a powerful sales platform.

Guest Journey

SabeeApp offers a full suite of tools to help enhance guest experiences and simplify hotel administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect multiple OTA accounts?

Yes, you can connect an unlimited number of OTA accounts or listings from one single SabeeApp account.

What about connecting to a third-party PMS?

Unfortunately no, we have created SabeeApp as an all-in-one software suite for hotel professionals. Our products are seamlessly integrated with one another, for maximum reliability and the best possible user experience.

What about connecting new distribution channels?

We are constantly expanding our OTA partner list. If  you cannot find a specific distribution channel there, please reach out to our sales team to explore the connection possibilities.

Do you charge a commission for new bookings?

No, there is zero added commission for OTA connections or new bookings received from these channels.

Can I differentiate rates between OTA channels?

Yes, you can send different rates and restrictions to specific OTA channels. You can also take advantage of our linked rate plans and rate modifier rules to make channel-specific pricing a simple.

Can I import my existing bookings from OTAs?

Yes,, Expedia and Airbnb offer web services for importing future confirmed bookings directly into the PMS upon connection. For past bookings and bookings from other sources, we assist you with a manual import during the onboarding process.