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SabeeApp Software Suite...

All the tools you need to automate your operation and grow your business.


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PMS Hotel Software

PMS Hotel Software

Cloud-based PMS hotel software designed with your needs in mind! Hotel Property Management System - SabeeApp’s interactive calendar can help you manage all your daily operations through one, user-friendly program.

PMS Hotel Software™ is part of SabeeApp™ Hotel Management Software

Take advantage
of SabeeApp’s PMS Hotel Software

Manage your daily hotel operations without any technical knowledge, with the help of our intuitive PMS.  Features including front desk system, drag and drop calendar, housekeeping app, automatic invoices, cash register, business reports and many more.
PMS Hotel Software

Integrated features

Whether a reservation arrives through one of your partners, or your Internet Booking Engine, it will automatically appear in your cloud PMS, thanks to our built-in hotel Channel manager.

Unlimited invoicing

Our invoicing tool automates and simplifies your billing process with help of pre-payment invoices, proforma invoices and detailed reports.

Professional reports

Generate accurate financial, sales, and commission reports. Stay up-to-date on your sales estimates. Use reports to gain a deeper understanding of your business performance and make data driven decisions!

Contactless & fast check-in

Spend less time dealing with the hassle of check-ins, and more on your guests’ comfort. The check-in processes with SabeeApp is fully streamlined.

Guest profiles and history

The better you know your guests, the better you can serve them. Optimize your guests’ experience together with your sales!


Interactive Calendar
the heart of hotel operations

The Front Desk System is built around the calendar - designed for easy reviewing, to help you maximise occupancy.

  • Manage individual and group reservations
  • Drag and drop reservations
  • Quick check-in and check-out
  • Manage and apply restrictions
  • Split reservations
  • Availability chart
  • Automatic daily reports
hotel pms software for hoteliers

that saves you hours a day

SabeeApp PMS hotel software is designed to empower you through automation. Leave routine administrative tasks to our software, and let your hotel personnel focus on doing what they do best, attending to guests.

How can SabeeApp help you?

  • automatically assign rooms for incoming reservations
  • dynamic pricing based on occupancy
  • customisable email and SMS templates
  • automatic cancellation of unconfirmed reservations
  • automated credit card validation 
  • automatic invoicing
hotel property management system

SabeeApp makes it easy to
switch to your new PMS Hotel Management System

Personalised Onboarding

Are you considering using a new hotel property management system, but switching from one hotel PMS software to another seems a bit complicated? No worries! At SabeeApp we are committed to help you during the whole transition process. Our dedicated trainers are here to put together a detailed training plan, tailored to your needs. All of the trainings are recorded and you can reach them in your SabeeApp account anytime, anywhere and you can share them with your team members!  If you have any questions, reach out to us via email, chat, phone or in Support Center.

Data Import

We know that after using a hotel PMS system for a while and then shifting to another may seem scary. With SabeeApp you don't have to be afraid of losing some essential information. You can import your reservations, guest data, prices and invoices with the help of our team. There is no limitation in importing data going back for several years, moreover the import of your Airbnb or reservations are totally automatic in SabeeApp!

Assistance in Channel Connections

Timing is important, especially when it comes to connecting your distribution channels to a new PMS hotel system. We will help you find the perfect moment to make this move and we also guide you trough the reconnection process to make it as smooth as possible.

Explore more possibilities! There is plenty of new channels you can connect to via SabeeApp. Find the whole list of our connected distribution channels here.

Award-winning software, a top-notch hotel PMS cloud system

Since our founding in 2011, SabeeApp has grown rapidly, and has consistently met with praise from our clients and partners. Used by hotels and other lodgings in over 70 countries all around the world, SabeeApp has quickly blossomed into a respected, reliable, and innovative pioneer in the world of hotel software applications.

In addition to earning the praise of our satisfied clients, our work has received official recognition as well. In 2015, SabeeApp received a Business Excellence Award—the Hungarian Ministry of National Economy’s “Startup of the Month” award.

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One software. Endless possibilities. 

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