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All the tools you'll need to automate your operations and grow your business.

7 core SabeeApp features

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Front Desk System (PMS)

Cloud-based property management software with an interactive calendar, which helps you manage your daily operations from one place.
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Property Management Software

Did you know? You can access the SabeeApp cloud PMS anywhere, anytime, from any device.  It also saves you about 4 hours of work every day.

Interactive Calendar - the center of your operations

PMS system
The calendar is the center of the Front Desk System. We designed it to be easy to review and help you maximize occupancy.
  • manage individual and group reservations
  • drag and drop reservations
  • quick check-in and check-out
  • apply restrictions
  • split reservations
  • availability chart
  • automatic daily reports

Enjoy the benefits of our Property Management Software

SabeeApp helps you manage your hotel operations seamlessly through its Front Desk System, housekeeping application, automatic invoices, reports and many other features.

Unlimited Invoicing

The invoicing tool makes it easy to bill your guests. It offers many useful features that you can customize and use for free.

Professional Reports

Generate accurate financial, sales and commission reports. Stay up-to-date with sales estimates. Get to know your partners better with the help of partner statistics.

Integrated Channel Manager and Internet Booking Engine

When a reservation arrives from any of your partners or through your Internet Booking Engine, it will automatically appear in your cloud PMS. This will save you lots of precious time.

Fast Check-in

Spend less time with the administration of check-ins and focus more on your guest. The check-in card is fully customisable.

Guest Profiles & History

The better you know your guest the happier you can make them. Satisfied guests lead to more sales.


Housekeeping lists will make your daily routine easier. Manage room status with one click from the dashboard.

Automation that saves you hours

Our vision is to enable hotels to operate using automations; administrative tasks should be handled by softwares, so that hotel personnel can focus on attending to guests and completing creative tasks. What do we do to make this happen?

  • automatically assigning rooms to incoming reservations
  • dynamic pricing depending on occupancy
  • customizable email and SMS templates
  • automatic cancellation of unconfirmed reservations
  • automatic credit card validation 
  • issuing and sending out invoices automatically
Hotel Management Software

Access your hotel data from anywhere

We want to empower hoteliers to be able to work from anywhere, using any smart device. With SabeeApp PMS you can stay up-to-date on what is happening at the property 24/7. Our responsive design will simply adjust to the screen size:

  • work from your tablet or smartphone
  • view your hotel data on the go
  • collaborate with colleagues on one single interface
  • unlimited number of users
  • fully adjustable permission levels
PMS hotel

User friendly Property Management Software

The busiest times at hotel receptions are check-ins and check-outs. In order to have a smooth and fast process, your reception need to have a quick and easy to use property management software. 

Most important actions, such as checking-out guests, issuing invoices, printing check-in cards and viewing guest details should be done with just one click.

Easy to access

If you are using a cloud PMS, your front desk will be accessible anywhere and any time you need it. You never know, when you will get a request via e-mail or phone from a future guest, which means you have to have access to your property management system in order to upload this new reservation to the calendar quickly and avoid double bookings.

The mobility of the reception is also very useful tool when managing housekeeping tasks. With SabeeApp cloud PMS, room status changes will be displayed for the receptionist so they can know when housekeeper is in the room and when the room is clean.

Housekeeping mockup

Smart up the workflow of your housekeeping staff with our tailored smartphone application

  • Assign rooms to housekeepers
  • See room list for selected dates through the application
  • Update room status with a simple click
  • Communicate with room comments
  • Filter by room type, floor, arriving and on board guests
  • Seamlessly integrated together with the PMS
  • Available for both iOS and Android smartphones

It is simple to use - in fact one of the most understandable pieces of software I have used whilst at the same time performing a sophisticated function and producing relevant and useful reports. The support staff are amazing and so responsive and helpful. It is also very reliable - I trust Sabeeapp!

TARA DEIGHTON, Brody House Group
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