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All the tools you'll need to automate your operations and grow your business.

7 core SabeeApp features

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Unified Inbox -

guest messaging from one place 


You can now communicate with Airbnb guest from a single platform. Faster response time, easier communication.


Airbnb guest messaging

Having multiple Airbnb listings? Link them all with SabeeApp, so you can receive and reply to messages via multiple Airbnb accounts, from one place.

Email and sms communication

Receive and answer emails or text messages on a stylish, modern interface within SabeeApp. Use message templates and send attachments or hyperlinks.

Browse conversations

Filter by source, reservation status and date. Search by keyword  or conversation tags based on message types: inquiry, special offer, reservation or pre-approval.

Integrated with SabeeApp Front Desk System (PMS)

Take advantage of our messaging integration with Airbnb platform.

Respond to Airbnb guests directly from your SabeeApp account. Enquires, special offers and pre-approvals are all supported. Use message templates, send attachments and hyperlinks.

Reservation details shown next to the conversation. 

View important reservation details and scheduled messages next to conversations. One click and you can navigate to the detailed page of reservation inside SabeeApp PMS.

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