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SabeeApp Software Suite...

All the tools you need to automate your operation and grow your business.


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Apartment Management System

Your time is valuable. Spend it on what really matters.

What is an Apartment Management System?

An apartment management system enables you to centralize and automate many of your everyday activities. Using an apartment management app, you can easily deal with issues such as rent collection and payments, additional services, and inventory management. 

An apartment management software is a great way to quickly and effectively handle challenges your property might face. With SabeeApp, double data entry into excel spreadsheets and the manual scheduling of repetitive tasks can both become a thing of the past.

sabeeapp apartment management software

Airbnb connection

As a Preferred Software Partner  SabeeApp fulfils all the technical and business performance requirements of the world's biggest apartman rental website. Our partnership enables early access to new features and expanded technical support from Airbnb.


Smart solutions

Explore the future of smart apartment solutions: housekeeping application, contactless check-in, secure online payments, keyless room entry and many more! 


Guest Messaging

Take full control of guest communication! Increase your apartment's reputation with better informed guests and let them get in touch with you as quickly as possible!

Maximise the potential of your business with our
Apartment Property Management Software

sabeeapp apartment management system

Whether you have one apartment or many, our apartment maintenance software can help you work smarter. Save time, improve efficiency, and increase revenue with SabeeApp! Use our Channel Manager to connect your Airbnb listings in a self service way and get professional assistance to connect to the world's leading travel sites.

VRBO Connection


VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owners) is shaping the future of vacation rentals online bookings. Being part of the Expedia Group, the platform caters for a global audience of travellers. Simply connect your rentals via SabeeApp Channel Manager for real time synchronisation of availability, rates and reservations.

TripAdvisor Connection


TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel review platform. With Instant Booking you can promote your vacation rental and convert browsers into bookers. Use the SabeeApp Channel Manager to share live rates and availability.

Direct Bookings


By using SabeeApp’s apartment management system, you can increase your property’s number of direct bookings, which can provide a powerful boost to your  revenue.  The advantages of direct bookings are immediately obvious. The commission fee that would have gone to an online travel agency goes directly to you instead. And with an effective apartment management software, you can easily and effectively handle these bookings.

Let SabeeApp apartment management software work for you!

Airbnb solutions

Guest messaging

Smart solutions

Permission control


Airbnb solutions

Multiple listings

Hosting multiple apartments on Airbnb? We have you covered. Connect all of your apartments, villas and other vacation rentals from one SabeeApp account.

Self service connection

With an easy mapping process, you can connect your Airbnb listings with SabeeApp on your own, in just a few seconds.

Rule sets

Create Airbnb specific promotions aka rule sets such as pricing discounts, availability requirements and promotions. Get in full control  - apply them to specific dates and listings!

Guest messaging

Unified Inbox

Are you renting multiple apartments on Airbnb? No problem! You can communicate with your Airbnb guests from one platform without logging in and out into your accounts. 

Scheduled messages 

Create personalised email templates, schedule and send them automatically based on a pre-set smart rule and link templates to specific apartments.

Online Chat

Embed our online chat into your website and into SabeeApp Booking Engine. Respond to chat messages in seconds directly from your Sabeeapp account!

Smart solutions

Secured payments

Guarantee reservations with a successful payment, while your guest data is stored securely. Increase revenue with these guaranteed reservations and no show/cancellation fees. Available for flexible reservations, non refundable reservations and also for virtual credit cards (VCC).

Smart lock integrations

Enable your guests to enter the apartment using only their smartphone as a digital key. Apply Nuki smart lock solutions via SabeeApp to ensure a smooth entry process. 

Guest Experience

With SabeeApp's guest experience tools your guests can easily check-in online, add extra services to their accommodation and can learn more about activities nearby your apartment. This means less administration for you and better experience for your guests.

Permission control

Permission levels

Apartment owners can check availability with their very own view-only access, without contacting the apartment management company.

Remote access

Always on the go? You can reach your SabeeApp account from anywhere and from any device. Your entire team can have an access to the same account, with permission levels tailored to their roles.


Smartphone application

User friendly interface to keep track of room cleanliness. Let the housekeeping staff update room status with one-click. Available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Certified apartment rental software

Since 2011, our trusted team of experts has committed itself to create the best software we can. Since our public launch in 2013,  SabeeApp has helped simplify the everyday lives of hospitality professionals worldwide. Whether you have one apartment or one hundred, SabeeApp’s team is here to help you achieve your goals. As a sign of our commitment to excellence, SabeeApp has received certification from travel giant Tripadvisor as a Premium Partner.

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One software. Endless possibilities.

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