Less administration. Happier guests. Higher revenue, increased upsell.

SabeeApp GuestAdvisor drives increase with upselling, enhances the guest experience while you save time on guest administration.

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Using state of the art technology will put you ahead of your competitors

SabeeApp upsell

Drop administration
Your guests would prefer to check-in from the comfort of their armchair and would love to meet somebody at check-in who is focusing on them and not administration. Are you ready to delight your guests?

SabeeApp upsell

Upsell more. Increase revenue.
Make it easy for your guests to book your services. Search. Decide. Pay. Just a few clicks.

What does Guest Engagement Tools include?

Customer Portal for your guests
web based virtual concierge

Reservation summary - Be transparent, let your guests check their reservations on your customer portal.

Online web check-in - enabling online helps you and your guests to save time on arrival.

Payment link - ever wanted to have the payment arranged in advance? With SabeeApp customer portal, your guests will be able to pay for the stay before arrival.

GDPR - SabeeApp customer portal help you to be compliant with GDPR regulations.

Customer Portal SabeeApp

GuestAdvisor® Mobile Application
Native iOS and Android based virtual concierge

Online Check-In
Most of the guests prefer to check-in online to your hotel from the comfort of their armchair. Simplify your check-in process.

Expense overview
Guests value transparency. A detailed expense overview at their fingertips builds trust.

One-click payment (coming on 2019 February)
One-click payment makes your and guests life much easier. GuestAdvisor is seamlessly integrated with SabeePay and the automated invoicing system.

Informed Guests
A reliable source of information at your guests' fingertips. Add any information to your GuestAdvisor like your services, house policy, opening hours, location, surroundings and many more. Imagination is the limit.

Reservation Details
A complete overview of the guest's reservation builds more confidence.

Smart lock (coming in 2019, Q3)
Checking-in online to your accommodation, and using the one-click payment is just the beginning. In 2019 we make it possible to use their phone as a key to your rooms.

Information desk and check-in kiosk on any tablet
tablet based virtual concierge

24/7 Information desk at reception

View my bookings and expenses at any time during the stay

Check-in Kiosk

One click payment (coming on 2019 February)

GuestAdvisor Tablet version