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All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.


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Software Suite

All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.



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2022 recap of SabeeApp

At SabeeApp, we are constantly working to develop the best solutions and bring innovative tech integrations to our clients, and during 2022 we continued to develop great features. The year saw a lot of planning which will bear fruit in 2023 and we’re excited about what’s coming down the line. We also thank our clients around the world for the trust they have placed in SabeeApp, and for the positive feedback we have received for our products.

The year the world reopened

2022, what a year! Globally it brought huge change, and in the travel and hospitality industry people were on the move again after years of lockdowns and restrictions. Where social media presence had previously been a ‘nice to have’ for hotels, a report by Siteminder revealed that 43% of travellers among Gen Z and Millennials ‘often’ or ‘always’ now make their booking decisions influenced by social media. The importance of digital touchpoints is ever more important for the guest experience, and 64% of travellers globally report that poor use of technology by their accommodation provider will adversely affect their perception of the service they receive.

On the flipside, seamless use of technology greatly enhances the guest experience, and provides big benefits to the hotel in increased efficiency and profitability. This ‘digital partnership’ between hotel and guest continues to grow, starting from initial inquiry, through to booking, payment, check-in, services during the stay, and continuing even after the stay. The value of digital connections is proven, and increasing, and at the heart of this are smoothly functioning Hotel Management Systems. So let’s take a look at some of the advances from SabeeApp during the year the world reopened.


Boosting efficiency and mobile solutions

One of our most important initiatives was the new built-in scanner which enables hoteliers to scan guests’ IDs in our Front Office Manager application. Guests also have the opportunity to complete their online check-in via GuestAdvisor, which makes check-in quicker and more efficient for both parties.

Mobile applications have also been combined in one bundle called Smart Solutions, allowing accommodation owners and managers to simplify daily operations, and enhance the guest experience.

Smoothing and securing payments

In May, our payment gateway, SabeePay became available. We are dedicated to providing the best service, which is why we partnered with Stripe, one of the biggest payment providers. SabeePay is seamlessly integrated with SabeeApp Hotel Management System and supports transactions with competitive transaction fees. It handles flexible and non-refundable bookings and offers instant payouts to a Stripe merchant account, so hotel transactions can be managed without hassle.


The key to success is in the cloud

We believe that hoteliers can really benefit from modern hotel technology innovations such as smart locks, and currently have three smart lock integration partners. Salto KS (Key as a Service) is the newest, offering cloud-based access control with a straightforward, flexible, and scalable solution. The integration covers access code entry, where the PIN code is provided to guests through our GuestAdvisor mobile app. The code can also be sent as an automatically scheduled email if guests prefer alternative check-in solutions, such as GuestAdvisor Web.

Custom hospitality solutions meeting local requirements

As we have clients in more than 70 countries, we are constantly working on integrations which comply with local requirements, and in 2022 we reached two milestones, in the Swiss and Turkish markets. Now, hoteliers can comply with the requirements of the Swiss tourist accommodation statistics agency (HESTA) automatically from their SabeeApp account. Our Turkish clients also have the opportunity to connect directly with eLogo, the country’s legislation software.


Customer requests fulfilled

Our customers’ opinion is very important to us, and we undertook many development and feature requests during the year. These included enabling the export of data from the Dashboard, and updating the Coupon function with various features, such as the automatic expiry date of special voucher offers. We are also constantly working on the development of our mobile application, based on user feedback.

Keeping up the pace

So, here’s a review of some of the developments from SabeeApp in 2022:

  • Smart Solutions - built-in ID scanner for easier check-in
  • SabeePay - for smooth hotel transactions 
  • Smart lock - the addition of Salto KS as a smart lock provider
  • Swiss Travel Centre HESTA - making admin easier for our clients in Switzerland
  • Turkish eLogo Integration - linking SabeeApp to Turkish legislation for hoteliers


Continuous improvement with SabeeApp in 2023

Some features from 2022 and for the new year are based on our own deep knowledge of the market, but we are also constantly listening to and responding to requests and ideas from our customers. We are always open to receiving more feedback, and if you have ideas about key features, or refinements to existing products, please get in touch with our marketing department at

With your help and the encouragement of the market, we’ll keep on developing, improving, and refining SabeeApp in 2023! Thanks to all our customers for another great year, and we look forward to continuing into 2023 with more exciting new features and developments.

Stay tuned for some exciting news! In next week's article we will share some features and developments that we are planning to launch in 2023. As for now, there's a hint of what's in the pipeline:

  • completely redefining the UI and UX of SabeeApp to be more user-friendly
  • updating GuestAdvisor with new features to enhance guest experience
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay integration in SabeePay
  • new POS providers
  • revenue management systems and so on... 

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Get the latest product and industry updates from the past 30 days and be the first to know about our latest developments.