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Software Suite

All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.



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SabeeWrap 2023 - Year end recap

As we approach the end of the year, it's essential to take a moment and reflect on the journey we've experienced over the past year. In 2023, we created a lot of valuable features designed to enhance our clients' hotel management experience. Looking ahead to 2024, we will continue our mission to further elevate and simplify the way our clients navigate hotel management as we are committed to providing the best property management system and hotel solution possible.

SabeePay - modern, simplified hotel transactions

SabeePay, our own payment gateway became available last year and now serves the needs of our customers in cooperation with Stripe, one of the biggest payment service providers. SabeePay makes payment a stress-free part of the guest experience with simple and fast transactions, as it automates all aspects of the hotel payment process - from data entry to communication and payment processing.

One of the main advantages of SabeePay is that it is directly connected to the SabeeApp PMS. It allows guests to pay the accommodation fees, the extra services and the taxes as well directly on the hotel’s Booking Engine, whether it is a flexible or non-cancellable reservation.

In 2023, we added many new functions to SabeePay: Google Pay and Apple Pay became available, enabling a faster, safer, and more practical solution. So, if the SabeePay module is active in your account, your guests can easily make the payment on the Booking Engine interface, choosing their preferred payment method, simplifying the online reservation process.

What’s more, if you also use our Smart Solutions module, you can already see these above-mentioned payment methods in GuestAdvisor 2.5. With this new feature, guests can settle their debt through the application or pay immediately for a massage or facial treatment booked through the app. This not only lightens the workload for your receptionist colleagues but also empowers you to efficiently promote and sell the hotel's services.

Smart Solutions - new functions for an outstanding guest experience

Our Smart Solutions module includes 3 modern applications (GuestAdvisor, Front Office Manager and Housekeeping app) designed to streamline hotel staff operations, make communication more efficient between departments, and increase guest experience with the help of online check-in, remote ID scanning, and in-app messaging.

In order to be able to adapt to the unique needs of both guests and accommodation providers,our applications expanded with many new functions in the past year.

    • SabeePay integration for in-app payment
    • Additional payment methods (Google Pay and Apple Pay)
    • The app now supports guest invitation during the check-in so each guest can add their own info during check-in
    • Improved group check-in experience: showing the guests only those room types where they are invited
    • Extra content page (named After check-in content) which appears only after the online check-in is completed
    • Development of an ID scanner for even more accurate scanning
Front Office Manager
    • Application of NFC chip-based document reading, which enables even more accurate data reading
Housekeeping app
    • In addition to English, Hungarian, German, Spanish, French, Thai and Turkish languages ​​are now supported
    • Filtering options have been added to make the list shorter and show only remaining rooms to clean
    • Showing empty rooms besides arrivals/departures and onboard guests
    • It is now possible to assign tasks to only certain room types
    • In case the guest is onboarded, the HK staff will get notified so they will not bother them

It is worth mentioning that the Customer Portal has undergone a redesign, introducing numerous functions previously exclusive to the GuestAdvisor app. Features like online check-in and ID scanning, now enables guests to conveniently check in from the comfort of their homes, significantly reducing wait times at the hotel reception. Additionally, guests can seamlessly book other services and provide immediate feedback, enhancing their overall experience.

The SabeeApp Website - a complete revamp

Speaking of redesigning, SabeeApp's website has undergone a stunning transformation. The marketing team's objective was to create a user-friendly, modern, and intuitive interface. The brand-new design ensures that both existing clients and potential customers can easily access all the essential information about the PMS and additional modules.

Partnering up with the best hotel solutions

At SabeeApp, we prioritize the continuous growth of our Marketplace to ensure our customers discover an array of service providers dedicated to unlocking the full potential of their accommodations. This year, our expanding 'portfolio' welcomes several integration partners offering exceptional solutions, including intelligent pricing software, cloud-based accounting software, a chatbot, and restaurant management software.

Smartbooks accounting software

Our newest accounting software partner is SMARTBooks, which uses a cloud-based system to facilitate administration tasks. With its cloud-based flexibility, hoteliers can access the software anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need for duplicated data, paper, and manual record-keeping. Thanks to the integration, invoice data generated in SabeeApp is automatically transmitted to NAV. SMARTBooks also offers the capability to prepare declarations and financial reports, complete with a personalized dashboard tailored to hoteliers’ unique needs.

Bonomi chatbot

Communication is key to success, and we're dedicated to offering our customers a range of options to facilitate seamless communication throughout every stage of their guests' stay. Bonomi is an AI-based chatbot designed to empower guests to connect with the accommodation through their preferred social media channels, such as Messenger and Whatsapp. This innovative tool significantly streamlines communication, ensuring that guests' queries are promptly addressed. Bonomi is equipped to provide immediate answers to over 50 frequently asked questions, leveraging pre-provided information specific to the accommodation.

Bonomi chatbot allows for the customization of welcome and thank-you messages, encouraging guests to reflect on and appreciate their time at the property even after departure. The integration between Bonomi and SabeeApp not only enhances the guest experience but also positively influences the hotel's reputation.

R_keeper restaurant POS

This year, our restaurant software selection expands with r_keeper, a versatile solution catering to both family-run establishments and international hotel chains. Offering comprehensive management capabilities, r_keeper is equipped with the right tools to streamline order taking, invoicing, menu optimization, and kitchen workload, while ensuring transparent inventory management.

In compliance with the latest Hungarian regulations effective July 1, 2022, requiring NTAK-compatible software for restaurants, r_keeper is an ideal choice. Its seamless integration with SabeeApp automates the transfer of guest consumption-related services to the guest folio in the Property Management System (PMS), simplifying the invoicing process.

Intelligent pricing software (RoomPriceGenie, Smartpricing, Pricelabs)

In recent years, intelligent pricing tools have been gaining more and more popularity, since they can significantly increase the hotel's income with the help of AI and machine learning. In 2023, we partnered up with 3 new intelligent pricing tools, ensuring that all our customers find the perfect solution for them.

  • RoomPriceGenie: specifically designed for independent hoteliers, as it is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to implement.
  • Smartpricing: uses machine learning and automation to enable accommodations to increase online bookings and offer market-oriented pricing with confidence.
  • Pricelabs: their pricing algorithm takes into account base price, booking data, seasonality, lead time, holidays, and special events.

While all three software options share the same goal, the choice ultimately hinges on individual preferences and what is the most optimal for the accommodation. However, it is clear that among the currently available modern hotel solutions, intelligent pricing stands out as a tool capable of delivering a significant breakthrough in boosting bookings and, consequently, income.

Keeping up with trends

The hotel industry is constantly evolving, shaped by ever-changing trends and the expectations of guests. To deliver the best service and product to our customers, we prioritize staying up-to-date and adapting to observed industry trends during our development.

In 2023, the SabeeApp team attended ITB Berlin, the world's biggest travel trade show, getting a glimpse into the future of travel and the decisive trends shaping the industry in the years ahead. In this blog post, Máté Dávid, SabeeApp's Head of Partnerships, summarised his experiences in four key points. Drawing on the insights gained at ITB, it is clear that accommodations embracing modern hotel solutions, fostering beneficial partnerships, and prioritizing the enhancement of guest experiences will stand out in the coming period.


The team has also attended the Travel Technology Event in Amsterdam, engaging in two eventful days of presentations and conversations centered around’s technology, roadmap and travel insights. It goes without saying that exciting developments are on the horizon for the upcoming year.

Talking about partnerships, we are delighted to attain Premier Partner status and to be recognized as one of Software Advice's top "Vacation Rental Software", underscoring our unwavering commitment to the industry and growth.

Furthermore, we've been proudly collaborating with BGE, one of Hungary's esteemed universities, in teaching the Tourism & Hospitality course through SabeeApp software. This initiative introduces students to a modern, cloud-based software and showcases how automated processes can simplify everyday tasks. Our aspiration is that this collaboration will establish a solid foundation for the future generation of hoteliers, equipping them with essential software skills and fostering an openness to the latest innovations in modern hotel technology.

Next steps

Throughout 2023, our journey has been marked by continuous learning and growth, with each experience contributing to the evolution of our hotel software and Smart Solutions applications. Our heartfelt thanks go out to our customers, who serve as the daily source of motivation and inspiration, driving us towards our goal of shaping SabeeApp into an indispensable tool for hoteliers. Together, we navigate the dynamic landscape of hotel management, embracing the challenges and opportunities that come our way.

We still have a long way ahead of us, and we are excited about what we can achieve in the next year. With great expectations for 2024, we will soon share more details about our upcoming plans.

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