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SabeeApp Airbnb connection

Airbnb opens up new possibilities with SabeeApp channel manager

Egle Silenaite-Enyed
Sep 6, 2018 10:00:22 AM

As mentioned in the earlier Blog post SabeeApp integration with Airbnb, we are happy to announce that finally development stage is done! Now we are able to connect our customers to reliable and official API connection with one of the world’s leading OTAs!

Time for change

Airbnb originally was created for apartment rentals, therefore it's understandable that the main listings on this channel are individual apartments. For a very long time, these businesses had no help in inventory and pricing management. Talking not only about Airbnb but any other OTAs as well. Most of their work had to be done manually and required an enormous amount of time. As the demand for this business type was growing, more and more different property management systems started to come around. SabeeApp was one of those systems. And we understood that these smaller property owners need help. We managed to ease their workload by offering channel manager services. However, technology is changing fast and we have to be flexible and quick to adjust to it. When we got to know, that Airbnb is introducing API connection, we had to act fast.

Airbnb introduced the API connection. Meaning, that select channel managers were able to connect to the channel with the direct, stable and fast connection. SabeeApp also rushed to jump in this train and here we are. We arrived at our final stop! Having this connection means less work for the hosts. Their availability, prices, and restrictions will be controlled from one system - SabeeApp. No more separate updates in two different platforms.

Everything is possible!

With SabeeApp channel manager, it is possible to connect multiple hosts and the unlimited number of listings! Also, there is a possibility to import all your future Airbnb reservations to your Sabee account so forget manual reservation upload.

The door opened for more accommodation types. Airbnb also supports room type inventory, meaning that hosts can connect more rooms to one room type. This is absolutely great news for boutique hotels and hostels.

We strongly believe that this partnership will be a perfect combo for all three parties:

  • Airbnb, because they will be able to display updated and accurate listings. 
  • SabeeApp, because we can ensure the stable and reliable connection between their PMS and Airbnb.
  • Hosts, because they will be able to save time by controlling everything from one platform.

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