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Step by step: How to check in and out with SabeeApp

The check-in process is a critical step in the guest journey. Whether through self-check-in or at the reception desk, it forms guests' first impressions of your property, setting the tone for their overall experience. Similarly, the check-out process significantly influences guest satisfaction. The smoother and quicker it is for guests to settle their bills, leave their rooms, and embark on their next adventure, the more positive their overall experience will be. Therefore, it's essential to ensure both check-in and check-out are as efficient as possible.

With SabeeApp, your guests have the freedom to check in online. They can do so through the GuestAdvisor smart application, or the Customer Portal that’s available on every web browser.

After they open their reservation and are within the check-in period which you provide, they can start the check-in process. If, for any reason you need to check in your guests manually, SabeeApp provides all the necessary tools for the process.

In this article, we show you in detail how to check in and check out with the SabeeApp solutions.

Check-in with SabeeApp

If your property allows online check-in, your guests will receive an automated email once the online check-in becomes available. If you turn on the SabeePay emails, your guests will also receive an email about their outstanding balance and available payment options, such as Google and Apple Pay. The Customer Portal and GuestAdvisor app offer essential tools for online check-in, such as the ID scanning. You can find more details about the online check-in process here.

1. Check-in by the front desk

In case you don’t offer online check-in, or your guest simply didn’t do it, it’s still possible to do it manually at your hotel lobby. Here’s how you can do it easily in the Sabeeapp PMS:

  1. In the PMS Calendar view or List view click on the reservation
  2. Complete guest details with ID scan by following the steps listed in the ID scan section below.
  3. In the 'Status' section on the left, click and hold the  ‘Check-in’ to finalise the process
If, for whatever reason there’s no need for an ID scan, you can simply move forward without this step:
  • Print the registration form
  • Navigate to the calendar view and select the option to print.
  • Provide the printed registration form to the guest
  • Collect all necessary data from the guest, ensuring all fields are filled out accurately
  • Submit the collected data to the front office staff
  • Front office staff will manually input the data into the reservation page

2. ID scan with SabeeApp’s built-in solutions

Scanning travel documents is an efficient method for entering guest information into the PMS as it simplifies and accelerates data input. Depending on local laws, ID scanning may be mandatory or optional.

You can adjust the settings for ID scanning in SabeeApp by navigating to the 'GuestAdvisor' menu and selecting 'Settings'. Here, you can set ID scanning to the following: disabled, optional, recommended, or mandatory.

ID scan setupID scan settings

Guests can scan their ID-s as part of the check-in process in the GuestAdvisor or the Customer Portal. If the guest for any reason hasn’t scanned their IDs beforehand, you can do it in the lobby via the Front Office Manager application or directly in the reservation in your PMS.

2.a ID scan through the Front Office Manager

  1. Access the reservation via the Front Office Manager.
  2. Find and click on 'Today's Arrivals' to locate the guest's reservation. If the reservation is open in the PMS and the same user is logged into both the PMS and the Front Office Manager, you can locate the guest in the 'Open in PMS' section.
  3. Click on the reservation of the guest who needs their ID scanned.
  4. Within the reservation, locate and click on the Guest.
  5. Look for the option labelled 'Start ID scan' and click on it to begin the scanning process.

Front Office managerID scan through the Front Office Manager app


2.b ID scan directly in PMS reservation:

  1. Go to the reservation screen and find the 'Guest details' section. Click on 'Edit booker'.
  2. Locate and click on 'Import identity documents' within the booker details to complete the process.

import documents PMSImport guest IDs in the reservation


3. Onboard - The guest arrives

When a guest is in-house and has already checked in, you must update their status to 'Onboard' in the PMS. This makes it easier to track which guests have arrived and which have not. You can update this status manually or set it to update automatically:

3.a Manually in the Calendar View:

  1. Click on the reservation of the in-house guest.
  2. Locate the 'Onboard' toggle.
  3. Click on the toggle to change the status to 'Onboard'.

3.b Manually in the Reservation Page:

  1. Open the reservation page of the in-house guest.
  2. Find the 'Status' section on the left.
  3. Click and hold the 'Onboard' button to onboard the guest.

check in toggle

You can use the toggles to check in and onboard your guests quickly


3.c Using the Dashboard:

On the Dashboard, you can see all the daily arrivals and departures. You can open the reservation form here and use the manual steps listed above, or you can simply click on the ‘Onboard’ toggle to check in and onboard the guest.

Dashboard toggle checkin-1
Check in and onboard your guest with one click


3.d Automatically through the GuestAdvisor:

Smart locks are a great innovation in the hotel industry. Guests can easily access the locks with key cards or even through certain applications, just as our GuestAdvisor app. When using smart locks and GuestAdvisor, the guest's status in the PMS is automatically updated to 'Onboard' upon their first entry into the room.

Handling payments in SabeeApp

Your guests can pay via different methods in SabeeApp, such as Apple and Google Pay, credit card, SEPA transfer or PayPal. The timing and manner of payment are dependent upon your configured preferences. Guests have the option to settle partial and full payments when making a reservation, during check-in, throughout their stay, or as part of the check-out procedure. These choices are dictated by the policies you have established for your accommodations.

payments in SabeeApp

Data input through the Customer Portal and the GuestAdvisor app

All the data entered by the guest through the Customer Portal or GuestAdvisor app, such as the payment or the guest details will appear automatically in the PMS. Once the guest is checked in, their status will be updated in SabeeApp.

Check-out with SabeeApp

The checkout process is the final opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Although it marks the end of their stay, the way you handle checkout is a crucial factor that affects the guest experience. Guests typically expect the checkout to be as quick and smooth as the check-in: they do not want to spend excessive time settling their bills or returning their keys.

The main hub for checkout activities is the front desk, but there are several ways to expedite the process. The GuestAdvisor app and the Customer Portal are excellent tools that allow guests to settle their bills and set an estimated departure time from the convenience of their smartphones or computers. Furthermore, guests can arrange for transportation directly through the hotel via these platforms, which minimises the time they need to spend at the front desk. If your property uses keyless entry solutions, guests do not need to return keys at the reception, which speeds up the checkout process and allows them to depart promptly.

We need to discuss four important aspects: managing the checkout process efficiently, setting a checkout time by your guests, handling smart locks, and accommodating requests for late checkout.

1. Check-out at the front desk

Departing guests must be checked out in the PMS to update the reservation status, allowing the housekeeping team to prepare the room for the next guests. Below are the steps to check out guests in the PMS:

  1. Guests hand over the keys or keycards to the front desk.
  2. If there are any outstanding payments, ensure they are settled at the front desk.
  3. Open the reservation details in the PMS
  4. In the reservation, create, then print or send the invoice via email as needed.
  5. In the reservation details, click on the 'Check-out' option for three seconds. Alternatively, toggle the ‘Check-Out’ status on the Dashboard or in the Calendar view
  6. Your guests are now checked out.

Dashboard toggle checkout
Check out your guests with one click


2. Set the check-out time by the guest through the GuestAdvisor app or the Customer Portal

Guests can set their desired checkout time via the Customer Portal and GuestAdvisor app, allowing your staff to better coordinate with housekeeping and manage new arrivals. Here’s how your guests can set the checkout time:

  1. First, the guest must access their reservation details either through the GuestAdvisor app or the Customer Portal.
  2. Within the reservation details, they should locate and select the option labelled 'Set check-out time'.
  3. Next, the guest chooses their desired check-out time from the available options and confirms the selection to update it in their reservation.

set check out time

Your guests can set their desired check-out time easily

3. Smart locks stop functioning after check-out time is passed

If your property is equipped with smart locks, room access automatically terminates after the designated check-out time has passed. This applies whether you use physical keycards or allow guests to access their rooms via GuestAdvisor. Smart locks ensure that rooms are secured once check-out time has elapsed. However, if your guests require additional time to pack their belongings and vacate the room, you have the option to extend their check-out time.

4. Extending the check-out time

Guests may occasionally need an extra hour or two before departing due to an unexpectedly long morning tour, needing more time to pack, or difficulty waking up after a late night. You can accommodate these needs by extending the check-out time using the following steps:

  1. Open the reservation in the PMS
  2. Click on the 'Edit' option within the reservation details.
  3. Locate the departure time for setting the check-out time.
  4. Save the changes to update the check-out time for the reservation.

change the checkout timeExtend the check-out time within the reservation

The ideal check-in and check-out scenario

If your property uses SabeeApp, managing the check-in and check-out processes can be surprisingly smooth. Imagine this scenario: your guests book their stay through your Booking Engine and pay online via SabeePay. They then complete their check-in and ID scan online, and perhaps even book an airport transfer on the same platform for added convenience. After enjoying a delightful stay at your property, when it comes time to depart, they simply leave their room, say goodbye to the receptionist, and head off to their next adventure. Thanks to the GuestAdvisor app, there’s no need to worry about unreturned keycards. The final step is simply to update their status to 'checked out' in the PMS and await their feedback, which they can easily submit through the GuestAdvisor application.

Closing thoughts

Naturally, things rarely occur perfectly, which applies to the check-in and check-out processes. Many factors can impact the steps of the guest journey. You simply need to ensure you have the best tools and resources to enhance the guest experience. We are here to provide you with the necessary tools and expertise for the technical aspects, allowing you more time to focus on your guests. Feel free to book a free demo, and we'll show you how to maximise the benefits of SabeeApp!

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