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Software Suite

All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.



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The benefits of the Customer Portal

With digital solutions for hotels on the rise, tasks like check-in, check-out, ID scanning, or completing payments are often required to be available online. A mobile application like SabeeApp GuestAdvisor can be useful for completing these processes, but not everyone wants to download another application on their smart devices. That’s why we created the Customer Portal, available on any device, through any browser.

What is the Customer Portal?

If you are a SabeeApp user, your guests previously needed to download the GuestAdvisor app to complete online check-in, receive reservation updates, complete payments, or book additional services. Now, guests can do it all through the Customer Portal, all without downloading any application.

Useful features for guests and hotels

The Customer Portal serves the same purpose as the GuestAdvisor: to improve guest satisfaction while simplifying hotel operations. Let us show you the features of using the Customer Portal in detail:

  • Online check-in from any browser

Whether your guests are at home, on their way, or already at your hotel, they can easily check-in from their computers, tablets, or smartphones using any browser of their choice. You can also notify your guests automatically once the online check-in becomes available.

CP check in

Check-in, using any browser on any device


  • Scanning travel documents on their computer, tablet or phone

The Customer Portal features an optical character recognition (OCR) ID scanning capability, allowing guests to scan and upload their IDs before arrival. This streamlines the check-in process and saves valuable time for both you and your guests. The data is automatically transferred to your PMS, meeting all data registration requirements.

CP ID scan

ID scan by taking or uploading pictures


  • Responsiveness on all devices

The Customer Portal is crafted with a responsive design, automatically adapting its content and page components to devices like desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones. This guarantees a constant appearance across a wide range of devices.

CP responsiveness

Customer Portal on all your devices


  • Automated reservation updates and reminders

Using the Customer Portal, guests can easily access and review their booking details, monitor their expenses throughout their stay, and receive timely notifications or reminders in case of any changes to their reservations. With all this information readily available, surprises are kept at bay.

  • Quick and easy payment options

Guests enjoy the flexibility to make online payments through the Customer Portal at any stage - whether it's pre-arrival, during their stay, or after checking out. The portal supports various payment methods through SabeePay, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, debit or credit cards, and SEPA transfer.

  • Customisable layout

Your hotel's brand representation is crucial for effective marketing. The Customer Portal offers the flexibility to tailor its layout and content, ensuring a consistent brand image. Customise a dedicated content page in the Customer Portal to share vital information about your hotel, including vivid descriptions and images of rooms and facilities, display contact details for easy guest access, and utilise the Google Maps function to highlight your property's location.

  • Facilitate additional upselling opportunities

Guests frequently seek additional services like dining reservations, airport transfers, spa appointments, or room service. The Customer Portal simplifies the process of ordering any of these services with a single click.

CP on phoneBooking dinner through the Customer Portal


Furthermore, the Customer Portal also provides concierge services. Letting the guests know the best activities, bars, and restaurants nearby will surely add to their satisfaction.

  • Available in multiple languages

Guests come from all over the world, therefore it’s essential to offer your services in more than one language. The Customer Portal is available in 6 different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Turkish, and Hungarian, helping you provide a more personalised experience for your guests.

  • Smooth PMS connection

All data stored in the Customer Portal is automatically transferred to the SabeeApp Property Management System, providing a seamless, instant flow of information between the two platforms. Check-in and check-out details, payments, and additional services will all be reflected in the PMS, ensuring you stay informed about any changes in reservations.

Improving the guest experience

Making guests feel welcome and valued is crucial in the hotel industry. The guest experience spans from the moment they decide to book a room to the time they leave the hotel. During this journey, various factors shape their perception and influence your hotel's reputation. Similar to the GuestAdvisor app, the Customer Portal is designed to enhance this experience while making hotel operations more straightforward. By consolidating essential functions in one place, guests can easily check-in, check-out, scan documents, make payments, access useful information, and request services. This process simplifies hotel operations and allows staff more time to focus on guests, ultimately improving their overall experience.

CP my reservation

All the booking information is in the same place


The difference between the GuestAdvisor app and the Customer Portal

The GuestAdvisor app and the Customer Portal share a common goal: to assist hoteliers in delivering an exceptional guest experience. What sets them apart? They offer nearly identical features: additionally, the GuestAdvisor enables guests to unlock their rooms via smart locks. The GuestAdvisor is a downloadable app with a user-friendly interface. On the other hand, the Customer Portal is a web-based platform accessible through any web browser and device. Guests can enjoy the benefits of either, choosing between the app or web access for their bookings. Regardless of the choice, the outcome is enhanced guest satisfaction. With both the Customer Portal and the GuestAdvisor available, guests have the freedom to choose which tool serves their needs best.

Customer Portal simplifies reservation management

The Customer Portal enhances the guest experience significantly while simplifying hotel operations. By using the Customer Portal, your guests can enjoy easy access to information and useful features, ensuring a pleasant stay, while hoteliers benefit from efficient and trouble-free operations. We’d love to show you the Customer Portal in action. Feel free to book a free consultation where we can walk you through the process!

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