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The art of welcoming guests

A smile, a kind word, feelings of consideration - we all recognise how good it feels to be welcomed anywhere. It should above all be the default for anyone in the hospitality industry - that welcoming guests comes naturally - so why does it even need to be mentioned? And yet at busy and sometimes stressful times, the spirit of welcome can slip. If it does, then long-lasting damage can be done to the relationship between hotel and guest. On the other hand, a warm and sincere welcome is sustaining and goes a long way to making the guest journey memorable, and sets the tone for everything that follows. Get it right and a guest will feel valued, and the chance of them rebooking and returning are greatly increased. So, as something of a memory-jogger, let’s review the things that add up to a memorable welcome.

Ensuring a warm welcome

Personalising the guest journey: We call it a journey because the guest’s engagement can begin long before they set foot in your hotel, and continue long after. Whether using Online Travel Agent channels to search for their ideal accommodation, or coming directly through your own hotel website, it’s vital that what potential guests discover is both interesting, and personalised. Personalisation starts with always using the guest’s name in all communication - never the old Dear Sir or Madam approach! People have names, so use them, and it’s never been easier, with modern Property Management Systems that capture the interests and details of every guest. From that point on, booking confirmations, check-in details, special offers and upsells can all be personalised, making the guest feel special, even before they arrive. And post-stay, a thank you note, offers for rebooking and much more can continue to extend the guest journey.

The welcoming smile: Once guests do arrive at your hotel, one of the most powerful messages they receive is a smile and welcoming words from front desk staff. Reception can easily know lots of information from the pre-stay data about where guests have travelled from, what their interests might be, or the reasons for their stay. So personalisation comes very much from those early moments when a guest is met by a friendly face and the use of their name. Welcoming smiles aren’t restricted to front desk staff of course - it applies in dining areas, to cleaners met in the corridor, and with any additional services such as spa or sports facilities. It’s the responsibility of all managers to ensure that every member of staff, whatever their duties, is guest-facing, and ready to meet even difficult situations with kindness. And as well as smiles, what about a welcome drink in reception? Water, tea, coffee or soft drinks can all help guests feel valued and refreshed upon arrival.

Knowing when to help: This sense of kindness extends to offering help, when appropriate. Many travellers are now very independent and do their pre-stay research so that they know which places or events they wish to visit. The old days of having an ever-attentive concierge waiting to answer queries, book theatre tickets or advise on restaurants are now largely over. However, knowledgeable and attentive staff can still be a huge help. If they see or hear guests discussing how to get to a particular location, then why not offer polite advice? After all, staff are usually local people who know the best places to go for entertainment, shopping, or culture. While concierges in hotels are now a very rare breed, virtual concierges are increasingly popular - connecting to the guest’s mobile device and suggesting local services, as well as in-hotel specials, menu offerings, and much more. Guests can also ask questions of the system at any time of the day or night, helping to plan their stay and maximise their comfort and enjoyment.

Making comfort paramount: It should go without saying, but one of the most welcoming things about a good hotel is that it is comfortable. Guests should never be inconvenienced by any equipment or service which isn’t quite right. The technology exists now for guests to control in-room functions such as heating and air-con from their own mobile device, rather than having hotel-set levels. Lighting can also be similarly under the convenient control of guests. And while we’re talking about in-room comfort, what about a welcome gift, accompanied by a personalised note from the manager? Guests really appreciate the ‘traditional’ welcome basket which might include useful items such as toiletries. Go further though and offer some local delicacies (which can be free to the hotel by partnering with suppliers) - a sampler wine from a nearby vineyard, ‘artisan’ biscuits, and so on

Public areas such as the lobby and lounges should also be comfortable, with good seating, pleasant decor and a welcoming feeling that encourages a ‘hang out vibe’.

welcoming guests 2

Fixing frustrations

Friendliness, smiles, assistance with individual needs - these all go a long way to setting the welcoming tone for the entire guest journey. But technology can enhance the welcome experience too. Smiles are great, but if guests are caught up in a queue for check-in or to settle up after their stay, this can lead to rapid frustration and disappointment. Fortunately there are now many fixes for this, that also leave hotel staff even more free to attend to the personalised care of guests. Let’s see a few examples of what’s available:

  • Chatbots and automated booking: The guest journey begins with their first contact with the hotel, now usually via the internet. Chatbots enable guests to query the hotel 24/7, often in a language of their own choosing. This can decisively help a guest make their mind up about whether a hotel is suitable: They are able to ask many Frequently Asked Questions and receive satisfactory answers. Chatbots aren’t rushed off their feet at busy times, and have infinite patience too! And once the guest has made their decision to book with your hotel, the automated processes of a modern Property Management System allow all guest data to be entered accurately by the guest themselves. After which, automatic personalised confirmation messages are sent out. From very first contact the guest is being made welcome and recognised as an individual.
  • Online check-in: We have all become very used to our mobile devices being the gateway to make bookings, confirmations, and to buy goods and services. It would be disappointing if this didn’t extend to the hospitality industry too, and thankfully, one of the biggest pinch points for hotels - check-in (and check-out) is now available through mobile devices and web browsers. Guests can specify arrival times (and advise the hotel if there are any changes) and then go through the check-in process ahead of arrival. No queuing at the front desk, and more opportunity for welcoming smiles or refreshments.
  • Keyless room access: The consequence of online check-in systems is that it would be rather illogical if having completed the processes, the guest then had to queue to receive their key or keycard for their room. Increasingly, keyless room access is available through the guest’s mobile device - simple, and super-convenient for both hotel and guest. And once connected to the hotel’s PMS, there is then a two-way communication channel which enables the hotel to update guests on special offers and upsells, while the guest can make queries to the front desk. It’s a win-win from both sides of the guest journey.

Right here, right now

The technologies we are talking about aren’t science fiction: they’re right here, right now. We are SabeeApp, and for over eleven years we have been blazing an international trail making better, more efficient and more welcoming systems for the hospitality industry. Our technology ecosystem is founded on our proven cloud-based Property Management System, from which we have built out a range of Smart Solutions which cover every aspect of seamlessly running a hotel, efficiently and profitably. Perhaps more importantly, everything we do is predicated on enhancing the guest journey, and ensuring that guests are welcome at every stage, from pre-stay, through in-hotel, and beyond. All the areas mentioned here come within the scope of our product portfolio. To really appreciate in depth every part of the welcome that guests can experience when a hotel is equipped with SabeeApp solutions, it’s best to join us for a free, no obligation demo of our core PMS solution, and the many additional services we offer, along with our partners. In total we cover every aspect of making guests feel welcomed and valued in your hotel. 

…Leaving you and your staff to supply the smiles and the truly human part of the guest journey!

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Get the latest product and industry updates from the past 30 days and be the first to know about our latest developments.