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6 ways to improve hotel guest satisfaction

Is there anything scarier, for a hotel, than an unhappy guest? Certainly, unforeseen tragedies and disasters cause bigger problems. But as far as everyday, run-of-the-mill issues go, problems with guest satisfaction tend to take the cake. Unsatisfied visitors lead to complaints, bad reviews, and, ultimately, to fewer guests in the future. This can end up turning into a vicious cycle, as lost revenue from a reduction in guest numbers makes it harder to provide the services that would ensure guest satisfaction.

Never fear though: there’s good news too! While problems with guest satisfaction can cause real issues for your hotel as a whole, they are for the most part preventable ones. With attention, care, and a bit of effort, you can get things back on track and even, reduce room cancellations. Turn customers frowns’ upside down, and you’ll soon find yourself smiling again too! 

To that end, we’ve put together a brief overview of ways to improve guest satisfaction in the hotel industry. Armed with these tools, and your own know-how, you should be more than able to take your hotel to the next level, and keep the customer satisfied! 

Hotel Guest Satisfaction in 6 Easy Steps

1. Reach out to Customers with Surveys 

Listen to your guests! Provide them with ways to provide instant feedback, preferably while they’re still staying with you. A hotel application can help with this, but in any case, sending visitors a guest satisfaction survey right after check-in is a great step to take. That way, you can find out about any issues they may be having while they’re still staying with you. This gives you time to address their concerns, and solve their problems, while they are still around, rather than apologizing after they’ve already gone home. 

2. Respond to Feedback: Listen to What Customers are Saying

And, of course, you need to actually read and respond to feedback you receive. Whether it comes in the form of after check-in surveys or post-departure feedback forms, the response you receive from guests can only help you improve hotel guest satisfaction if you actually make use of them. But by making the most of these responses, and addressing concerns as they arise, you can do a great deal to bring a smile to guests’ faces. And, as we know, a happy visitor is one that’s far more likely to leave an all-important positive review online.  


3. Engage with and Reward Guests 

All guests want to feel that they are being listened to, that their concerns are being heard, and addressed. If you can make them feel special, then you’re sure to improve hotel guest satisfaction. To that end, you can provide rewards and gifts both big and small. These can be as little as complementary chocolates or mints waiting in the hotel room. They can also be bigger items, such as guided tours, discounts on spa services, or even complementary event tickets. The goal is to show guests that they are important to you. If you can manage that, then guest satisfaction is sure to follow. 

4. Guest Satisfaction in Hotel Industry: Pay Attention to Frequent Guests 

What we’ve discussed so far is important for all visitors but is positively critical for the retention of frequent guests. Show these visitors that you value their stays with you. Offer them promotions, provide them with gifts, get to know them personally if you can. If they’re satisfied, then they’ll continue to come back again and again. They might even recommend your hotel to their friends and colleagues. 


5. Guest Satisfaction At Its Best: Clean Rooms 

There are many potential ways to improve guest experience in the hotel industry, as we’re already seeing. However, engagement tactics and promotions won’t help you one bit if guests open their door onto a filthy room. We can’t say this enough: keep your rooms clean and tidy! And don’t forget to make sure that appliances, linens, and furniture are in good shape. If you want happy customers, this is the place to start. 

6. For Greater Guest Satisfaction, Embrace Smart Tech


Some of you may see hotel applications and smart devices in hotel rooms as gimmicky or unnecessary. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Like it or not, smart tech is the future. Even more importantly, guests like the convenience of smart hotel rooms. Applications with functions such as contactless check-in, virtual concierge software features, and one-touch services are particularly helpful. Embrace smartphone-enabled devices, smart phones, and other high-tech conveniences. They’ll make your visitors happy, and save you time and energy in the long-run as well.

For more hospitality infos, read our next blogpost on how to increase your hotels revenue!

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