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5 ways to improve hotel guest experience

Oct 8, 2020 11:00:52 AM
There are applications available today that improve hotel guest experience by directly involving your guests in the hotel's life. This not only saves time but also reduces administrative tasks for the staff. What kind of features make this possible? Read more about the advantages of guest applications and on how to improve guest experience in hotels!

Online check-in from the comfort of your couch

You might be familiar with the sight of piled up luggages behind exhausted guests waiting to check-in at your front desk. Instead of having to endure that, guests can comfortably check in using the application on any devices: tablets, smart phones, PCs or laptops. It is a  quick and contactless process that provides a safer check-in experience for your guests and staff members.  

Instant guest feedback = positive online ratings


Soon after completing the check-in process, a feedback form pops up onthe guest’s screen, where they can indicate any satisfaction ordissatisfaction with the services or facilities right away. That means these situations can be dealt with in time, instead of finding out about them from negative, rating-wracking reviews long after the guests have left. 

Virtual concierge: all information in one place

Guests need time to settle into a new destination and they are eager to find out about local attractions, and they usually turn to staff members for answers. Where to visit, what is nearby, where to eat and what to do for fun? An app that functions as a virtual concierge will take all these questions off their shoulders: the app will inform them about local attractions, sightseeing hot spots, restaurants and useful tips in a couple of minutes, and you can even personalize what information you show them through the connected PMS system

Content available in different languages

The indisputable advantage of an application available in several languages is that being able to use the platform in their own language improves hotel guest experience, while at the same time we can sell our services easier and communicate more efficiently.

Ordering extra services with one click


There is no need to go to the reception anymore for booking airport shuttles, room service or wellness services either. Guests can easily book these, through an application at any time, and also add them to their reservation with a single click. All their expenses will be
shown on one screen and they can pay for them as well at once.

+1  - Smooth and 100% paperless administration

Guest applications have been developed in the spirit of reduced administration processes and environmental awareness, since everything happens digitally. Staff members can take proper care of guests because they don’t have to spend time documenting, printing and following up on every task. Everything becomes automated and easily accessible for them in the PMS system, because the two systems work perfectly in sync. 


If you’re looking to enhance guest experience, check out SabeeApp's solutions and get in touch with us for more guest satisfaction ideas.

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What is GuestAdvisor?

GuestAdvisor is a virtual concierge application available 24/7, that lets guests take part in the everyday life of your hotel. 

What else does GuestAdvisor offer?

  • Direct connection with PMS
  • Keyless door opening 
  • Personalized display
  • Customisable hotel description 
  • Push notifications 
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