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Airbnb & NTAK - SabeeApp Workshop

Sara Farkas
Nov 20, 2019 3:00:38 PM

SabeeApp team organised an informative workshop in Budapest this week for over 70 participants from our Hungarian SabeeApp partners.

Our primary goal was to host an event for our local customers, where they can:

  • learn useful tips on managing their Airbnb accounts, with focus on the new features that will soon be available through SabeeApp
  • familiarise themselves with the process of statistical data collection carried out by National Tourism Data Supply Centre (NTAK).

We invited three guest speakers to the event, and SabeeApp team members also presented.


As the first speaker we welcomed Marijana Vukan, API Partner Manager of Global Partner Integration Team (PIT), who talked about listing optimisation, the new commission payment model of Airbnb.
She was followed by Réka Fulmer, our Customer Service Manager, who presented the new features developed by SabeeApp, including seasonal pricing and promotions. Another new feature that was announced was Unified Inbox for handling Airbnb guest messages.

SabeeApp eventOur second guest presenter was Áron Szabó, Director of Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTÜ), who gave a speech on NTAK and explained to attendees how the statistical data collection works. Dávid Máté, our Global Sales Manager followed him with additional practical advice on the topic, detailing how NTAK accounts can be linked with the SabeeApp software, and how GuestAdvisor tools can help hosts to collect guest information online.

Lastly, Balázs Schumicky, President of MAKE (Association of Hungarian Apartment Providers) presented, and talked about their mission and the advantages of joining their community.

SabeeApp team

We closed the event with some networking, during which customers could turn to either representatives of the SabeeApp team or to our guest speakers with any questions.

We believe this event provided our partners with useful, hands-on information, and was also a great opportunity for us to introduce some of our latest SabeeApp developments.

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