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Software Suite

All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.



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Property management tips for hotels: here's what's important

The whole internet is full of advices and suggestions how to run the hospitality business. However, many of those suggestions are addressed for bigger hotel managers and more complexed working environment.

Many of our customers run small or mid-sized properties and have different educational background and they learned about hospitality on their own.

I believe that these few property management tips will be helpful not only for self-taught hoteliers, but also for those, who have been working in a very professional environment.

A few tips for your property management

➣ Take the best from the available technology. Now you can choose from hundreds of solutions that would help you run your business. Find the best one and use it 100%. Property management systems can help from everyday tasks, like dealing with guests and reservations, to future strategies and management.

➣ Be present on social media. Nowadays you have to be present there or you don't exist. Encourage your guests to post photos from your property, using # symbol. You can even have a small photo booth or photo corner where your guests could make a little photoshoot and share their photos.
(Importance of social media in hospitality business explained in this article: 
Creating a sales channel out of hotel social media. How to prepare your hotel for photoshoot read HERE)

➣ Be trendy. What I mean by this - follow the news in the hospitality business and be quick to adjust. You should be open-minded person, willing to try new trends and see what works best for you. Maybe not everything can be integrated at your hotel, but in order to know that, you have to try and see if that brings any value. For example: think "self-checkin procedure". If your hotel is oriented to elderly people, it might cause the frustration and extra work, cause older people might not feel comfortable completing certain tasks via mobile devices. However, if you run a youth hostel and majority of your guests are young people, they might find a self-checking a delightful feature that saves their time as they don't need to spend time at the reception filling forms.
(More about technology in the hotel read here: Hotel mobile applications: convenience at guests' fingertips)

➣ Start working together with local businesses. Cross-promotion can work a real magic. Suggest your guests to have a breakfast at a nearby bistro or offer a city tour organised by the startup company down the street. They will promote your property in exchange and this will create a nice partnership. 

➣ Don't be afraid to organise an event at your hotel. This applies especially in those cases when you have a unique feature that could be the centre of the event. Maybe it's your beautiful garden? Maybe it's historical location? Maybe it's famous kitchen chef? Maybe wine cellar underneath your property?... There are many factors that could make your hotel into a perfect venue location. And events would definitely bring future guests and would generate online buzz about your place.

➣ Try to encourage your guests to stay longer. It makes more sense for you to have one guest staying a few days than several one-night stays. Create promotions for long stays or offer additional services.

➣ Take a good care of your hotel staff. They are the face of your business. Happy and motivated employees will do their best to make the guest stay excellent. Sometimes financial motivation is not what they need. Good atmosphere, fair working hours and their work recognition can work a magic.
(How to make sure that you and your employees are on the same page? Read here: The importance of making hotel employees part of your brand)


Managing a property is not an easy task. Especially if you had to learn how to do it by yourself. However, nowadays it is pretty easy to gather information and fill in missing knowledge gaps. Just make sure to use all the available resources. Hopefully this blog post could answer some of your questions but if not - we are more than happy if you contact us directly! 

Learn more about how SabeeApp Property Management Software can help you. 

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Get the latest product and industry updates from the past 30 days and be the first to know about our latest developments.