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All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.



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Gift ideas for hotel guests: make them feel special

Everyone of us likes to get gifts. Doesn't matter how small they are, but it makes you feel nice and cared for. Hoteliers can surprise their guests as well and make the stay more memorable. 

Just a few months ago we were staying at a very small guest house. We were nicely surprised to find some fruits, sweets and even small bottle of sparkling wine in our room. It instantly made us feel that we've been expected, and cared for. Let it be just a couple of mandarines or bonbons, but it's a nice gesture that leaves a good first impression of your temporary home for a next few days .

Gifts can be physical: such as gift baskets, chocolates, complimentary drinks and etc. And gifts also can be non-physical: like various services (welcome massage, access to SPA, discounts...).

So what can be a thoughtful gift for guests?

First of all, the best and the most important gift what you can give to your guests - it's you. If you have a reception, make sure that employees are well rested, well informed about things happening around and they have a passion to what they do. If the guest is greeted with the smile and helpful tips, they will be thankful and feel cared for. An amazing service is a gift, that costs nothing to you, but will remain in your guests' memories for a long time.

Already in a few different blog posts I mention how important it is to partner up with local businesses in order to be a valuable part of your community.
  • If there is a nice bakery down the street, you can pick up a fresh goodies every morning to greet your arriving guests with a nice sweet surprise. 
  • If there is a small souvenir shop nearby, buy some keepsakes and give them to your guests. Something as small as a fridge magnet or a unique postcard will be a nice gift, as it won't occupy a lot of space at the guest's luggage and will last for a long time bringing up memories about your city and about your hotel.



    Know your guest and create gifts accordingly.

    🏖️ If you are resort at the the beach, there can't be a better gift than a beach resort gift bag. Include some essentials like a sunscreen, towel, inflatable ball, water and pack everything in your branded bag.

    💼 If your main focus is targeted towards business travelers, then they will be happy to find some complimentary (branded) pens, block-notes, cafeteria vouchers and etc. in their room. If your guests usually need to pay for the Wi-Fi, then you can include a voucher for the business guests as a gift.

    🍺 Are your main guests young people that like to party? Then what can be more useful than a hangover kit to save someone's life the morning after. Collect few necessary items like Aspirin, water, energy drink and mints. These guests will be entirely thankful for such a gift.

    👶 If you are focusing on a families with children, then there is no better way to win the hearts (at least of the little ones) by leaving a basket with toys, colouring books and sweets. Children will be occupied with their new items and parents will be able to enjoy the piece at least for a short time.


As mentioned at the beginning, people love getting things. Even if that's just a small chocolate on their pillow. You can make it more special and leave there a hand-made, branded chocolate. Such a small gesture will make guests feel happy and will set a good tone for the rest of their stay. If your gift basket include long lasting gifts like souvenirs or other items, then you can be sure you will be remembered even when the guest is already back home. 

Happy guest most certainly will guarantee a nice review online and a good word for others. Basically gift baskets is a great tool for your hotel's marketing!



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Get the latest product and industry updates from the past 30 days and be the first to know about our latest developments.