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The 6 most powerful channels to sell your rooms

Oct 15, 2020 1:43:32 PM

Reach the highest number of guests at the most suitable channels and prices! Did you know that there are at least six ways to efficiently market your rooms? What’s more: you can create the ideal mix of these sales channels suit your property’s needs the best, and you can also set your sales strategy accordingly. We’re here to help you review these opportunities so you can choose from the best options available.


The advantages of direct bookings are undeniable: there are no intermediaries between your property and your guests, which means no commission, nor hassle - everything is in your control. Who wouldn't want more of these types of bookings? You can make direct bookings more attractive by offering promotions, special deals or making the booking process smoother through instant confirmation


These online platforms are practically unavoidable if anyone wants to book or sell property, and for a good reason! They unburden both guests and property owners: their booking process is easy, their interface is user-friendly, and they provide countless setting options. They certainly give potential guests a better chance to find your property.

These platforms create the shortest sales chain possible, since they directly connect guests to hotels. We suspect that these sites will be on the frontlines when the tourism industry restarts, as one of the most popular ways to sell on the market. These OTAs include websites like Booking.com, Expedia, Ctrip, Agoda, HRS and AirBnb


You probably already know Tripadvisor, which means you have already visited a meta search site. Google Hotel Ads, Trivago and Kayak are similar meta engines. The main goal of these types of platforms is not to sell, but collect and compare publicly available rates of different booking sites, in order to summarize them based on the parameters set by the guest.


Any type of business trip will generate accommodation needs for corporate travellers like business professionals, diplomats, airline personnel, and such business cooperations provide a predictable and profitable opportunity. You can agree on flat or dynamic rates, or you can set unique prices based on a contracted deal.


It is also worth reaching out to companies that offer package holidays, often operating their own transportation services (charter flights, buses, minivans) and working with local ground teams at the destination. The UK-based Jet2Holidays is one such company that still operates despite the challenges of the pandemic. 

6. MICE (Meeting Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions)

Any type of event (banquets, weddings, conferences, etc.) might have accommodation needs and could lead to potential guest traffic. These are usually organized by a designated department inside the hotel. Naturally, during the pandemic these events are less popular and are organized with extra caution and safety measures, plus they also might be held partly or completely online at the moment. 


Might there be any other sales channel you haven’t thought of?
Well, you can offer complimentary rooms as a promotion, and don’t forget about walk-in guests, those who don’t have a reservation at all, or they might be relocated from other properties because of overbooking. This could be a compelling reason to always keep up good relationships with neighboring hotels that are similar to your price range.



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