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Software Suite

All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.


Efficient daily operations for hotels.

Booking Engine

Commission-free direct bookings.

Smart Solutions

Online check-in, Housekeeping and more.

Channel Manager

Synchronized online distribution.


Multichannel payment solutions.

Unified Inbox

Centralised guest communication.

Software Suite

All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.



Digital solutions for independent hoteliers.


All in one software for an efficient operation.


Give a life-time guest experience.

One software. Endless Possibilities.

Adopt the best in hotel technology with the help of SabeeApp.


Automates repetitive daily tasks.

Guest Journey

Deliver an outstanding guest experience.

SabeePay for your hotel

Multichannel payment solutions.


The best partner for your cleaning team.

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Management System
Let Our Guest Management System Work for You.

What is a Guest
Management Software

Guest management software, or a guest management app, is designed to help your hotel more easily gather and make use of data about its past, present, and future visitors.

Using such a management system, you can get an overview of a particular guest’s likes and dislikes. If they are a first-time guest, you can view information on when and how they booked. This and our booking engine can give you a sense of what booking channels are working best for your hotel. If they are frequent or returning guests, you can see patterns of when they tend to visit. Using this knowledge, you can offer incentives during those periods to keep them coming back.

Guest software helps you keep track of your visitors. With our all-in-one platform you can encourage them to return, and push them towards buying additional services they might be interested in. Hotel guest management software keeps track of all this information, storing it in one central database.

User-Friendly Guest Management System
  • Convenient, user-friendly software
  • Designed by a trusted team of experts
  • Friendly, quick, and responsive customer service
  • Multiple features and services in one application
  • A proven track record of success and user satisfaction

Manage your reservations from one place

Front-Desk System (PMS)
Manage your daily administrative tasks conveniently from one place. Reservations, invoices, guest communication, housekeeping and reporting.
Channel Manager
Up-to-date rates, availability and restrictions across all your connected OTAs. Automated, no more over-bookings.
Internet Booking Engine
Boost your direct sales by allowing visitors to make commission-free reservations on your website.
Payment Gateway
Secure hotel payment solutions. Involve your guests and guarantee all reservations with a successful payment. Charge virtual credit cards in bulk.
Smart Solutions
Collection of applications allowing your guests to check-in online, view reservation details and book additional services.
Unified Inbox
Handle guest communication in a single inbox, including Airbnb messages, email and SMS.

Multi-feature guest management software

An effective hotel guest management system starts with a team you can trust. At SabeeApp, we have been providing hoteliers with the tools they need to take their service to the next level, for almost 10 years. With experience working with hundreds of customers in over 70 countries, we have the skills and knowledge to get the job done.

SabeeApp’s guest management system can help you quickly and easily manage and make use of data about your hotel’s visitors. Increase efficiency and guest satisfaction with SabeeApp.

Better, more effective communication with guests

With SabeeApp’s guest management system, you can send out automated emails upon booking, before arrival, during guests’ stay, and after checkout. Our guest software enables you to easily sort and manage any complaints your visitors might have and respond to any messages and requests.

Forge a Personalized Connection

By keeping track of guests’ preferences, SabeeApp provides you with a lots of options to strengthen your ties to visitors. Keep track of each and every guest’s likes and dislikes through a log of communications and purchases. If a guest tends to come every spring, for example, send them personalized messages, offering them special offers to return. Make your guests feel special, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Greater Upselling Success by using our guest management system

With the help of a guest management system, you’ll find it much easier to convince guests to purchase upgrades and additional services. For example, a certain guest has noted in a survey that he or she is quite fond of massages and other spa treatments. Armed with this knowledge, you can target them with deals and special promotions, encouraging them to purchase such services from your hotel.

Upselling is not limited to hotels equipped with spas. Whether you offer city tours, exclusive amenities, pub crawls, or anything in between, guest software can help. Once you know what, a particular guest likes, it will be that much easier to offer it to them, and that much easier to increase your revenue.

Tripadvisor certified guest management system

As a sign of our commitment to excellence, SabeeApp has received certification from travel giant Tripadvisor as a Premium Partner.

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The awarded Guest Management System: SabeeApp

If you’d like to learn more about our guest management system, our team is happy to help. SabeeApp offers one-on-one free consultations. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, our totally free, 15-day trial account is right at your service.