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SabeeApp Software Suite...

All the tools you need to automate your operation and grow your business.


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SabeeApp asian team

SabeeApp Malaysia. Meet our new family members

Egle Silenaite-Enyed
Apr 10, 2019 9:00:00 AM

The year 2018 was a busy year for SabeeApp. We marked another milestone in expanding our presence internationally. As you most probably know, we established an office in Malaysia. A team of two local Malaysians was chosen to represent and help to expand SabeeApp in this country.

Meet our official representatives 

sabeeapp malay team

Naz is a valuable member of our international Sales Team. She is looking for potential hoteliers and vacation rental operators to use SabeeApp. While Faz is making sure that customers get the right training and all their questions are answered.

Both, Naz and Faz, were selected from hundreds of jobseekers that sent their resume during our search for two months. After rounds of interviews, finally, we’ve found two unique people to be the front line of our new Asia region. Both of them have participated in intensive, three weeks of internal training with our senior sales team from the Budapest Headquarters. They learned everything that about SabeeApp plus, plus they got a chance to share their expertise and knowledge on Malaysian hospitality. Having a background in hospitality makes them a good mix to work together for expanding SabeeApp in Malaysia. Naz worked with Resort Suites Hotel at Bandar Sunway while Faz was working in AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort before they joined SabeeApp.

Instead of working from an office in Malaysia, both of them work from the comfort of their homes or anywhere where they kind find a good Internet connection 😀. We believe that working in a mobile environment will make employees become more productive and happy. The beauty of working at SabeeApp is, that we are not tied to our desks or office walls. We can be flexible and help customers from anywhere around the world.

Feel free to ring the number when you have any questions about our software.

call sabeeapp malaysia

 Would like to see other SabeeApp faces?

Simply click on the following picture link and come to meet all of us!

sabeeapp team meeting

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