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annual sabeeapp meeting

SabeeApp annual team meeting

Egle Silenaite-Enyed
Nov 22, 2017 4:39:15 PM

SabeeApp team just came back from Turkey where we had our annual team gathering in order to discuss future plans, developments and review last year success.

We had a chance to review some processes in the customer service journey, sales methods and development. After this meeting we came up with some changes that should be applied in the company’s inside and it would ensure better information flow between us, here in SabeeApp. This should result in better communication with our customers and faster problem solving time.

As SabeeApp team is growing bigger and spreading to other countries (we have team members in Hungary, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey), it was very nice to meet all of our colleagues, having in mind, that some of them met for the first time. We still consider ourselves as small company and good inside connections/relations are #1 priority to all of us. We believe that if atmosphere is good inside of the team, we will be able to work with bigger passion and transfer the good vibe to our customers as well :)

So just to summarise, I do believe, that this meeting was very useful for all of us, now we got balanced our ideas and future plans. In upcoming year you should notice some differences in ways how we operate, and how we proceed with developments.

Looking forward to continue making our customers happy!

SabeeApp Team
sabeeapp team

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