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All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.


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Software Suite

All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.



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SabeeApp Case Study- Hotel Rum

In our SabeeApp Case Study series, we highlight how our customers have transformed their daily operations with SabeeApp's solutions. Discover how modern hotel technology seamlessly integrates into real-world environments, elevating efficiency and enhancing guest experiences.


Hotel Rum, a vibrant establishment in downtown Budapest, began its journey in 2016 with 40 rooms. Since then, it has expanded with the addition of Hotel Gin in 2023, offering 35 rooms, and TG Hotel Apartments, catering to individual tourists and business travellers with its apartment-style accommodations. These properties mainly focus on city visitors, business guests, and sometimes even film crews.

The challenge

Right from the beginning, the management team recognised the need for an all-in-one property management system for efficient operation. They learned about SabeeApp through acquaintances and from online research and chose it as their PMS provider for Hotel Rum. Their primary goal was to simplify everyday operations and prevent issues such as overbooking while maintaining excellent guest experience.

The solution

After conducting thorough market research, Hotel Rum chose SabeeApp for its comprehensive trio of Channel Manager, Booking Engine, and Property Management System (PMS). This integrated approach significantly reduces the risk of overbookings and connectivity issues, ensuring smooth operations. Additionally, the responsiveness and expertise of SabeeApp’s Customer Support team were decisive factors, as other providers often have support that is difficult to reach. 


Implementation and results

Hotel Rum implemented several SabeeApp solutions to optimise its hotel operations: 

  • Hotel Rum implemented all SabeeApp solutions: PMS, Booking Engine, Channel Manager, GuestAdvisor, Housekeeping and Front Office Manager applications.
  • Automatic room allocation: As the PMS automatically pairs bookings with available rooms, front desk agents do not have to deal with this everyday task. This automation alone can save up to an hour of work daily, allowing staff to concentrate more on building and maintaining relationships with in-house guests.
  • Easy to use: The intuitive interface of SabeeApp makes it easy for every staff member to adopt and use the software, enhancing their productivity and allowing them to focus more on guest interaction.
  • Immediate Guest Feedback: Thanks to the GuestAdvisor app, guest experience is significantly enhanced. Hotel Rum has the opportunity to communicate with guests easily, and provide them all necessary information on check-in and extra services through the app, freeing up time for receptionists. Also, the immediate feedback function helps a lot in handling guest complaints, improving overall satisfaction and online reputation.
  • Increased revenue: Elements supporting the implementation of dynamic pricing strategies allow them to respond quickly to current market trends and demands, resulting in revenue growth. Invoicing is also simple and efficient. 
  • Smooth check-in: With the help of the Front Office Manager app, ID scanning is not only efficient and easy but also cost effective because there is no need to subscribe to additional software.



As stated by the Hotel Rum team, approximately half of the working time is spent on administrative tasks. Without SabeeApp, Hotel Rum estimates they would need at least one additional employee to manage the administrative load, particularly for room assignments and reservation checks.

The Hotel Rum staff also commend SabeeApp Customer Support for its reliability and responsiveness, providing strong support even for minor issues or inquiries, which is a distinct advantage over other competitors.

We are grateful to the Hotel Rum team for their trust and partnership. We look forward to continuing to support their success for many years to come!

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Get the latest product and industry updates from the past 30 days and be the first to know about our latest developments.