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Restaurant software for conscious hotels

Dorka Forgács
Nov 12, 2020 10:40:45 AM
  • What are restaurant softwares? 

Restaurant softwares are automated systems that support catering units in terms of sales, revenue management, stock - and order management. Hotels that have a Food & Beverage department are helped a great deal in their everyday operation with these softwares, and they make their workflow more transparent and efficient too. 

  • Why connect your PMS with the restaurant software?

Firstly, the software makes it possible for guests’ consumption to be assigned to their rooms - for which they can pay during their check-out -, moreover it handles walk-in guests’ bills as well, who don’t stay at your property.

Orders can be categorized based on which food or beverage category they fit into: appetizer, main course, dessert, cold drink, hot drink, alcoholic drink; and based on which unit they belong to: for example the á la carte restaurant, lobby bar, wellness bar, etc.

  • Stock and order management, reports and other smart solutions

One of the great advantages of the restaurant software is that it simplifies stock management. It makes it easy to follow how much is left from each stock item, and it notifies you if something needs to be reordered. It even takes care of monitoring suppliers!

You don’t have to do any of the order management on paper either. Are your guests paying separately? No problem. You can break up the order, move tables or manage takeaways from one place.

Get a transparent picture of the restaurant’s operation with the reports generated by the software, like how much was sold of which service so far. And the checkout report helps you see which payment methods your guests were using, plus you can even follow your staff’s activity.

There are cloud-based restaurant management softwares today that run on all smart devices from smart phones through PCs to tablets. These wireless solutions communicate easily and directly with the receipt printer as well, so there is no need to install any softwares locally, as these are accessible from anywhere. 

  • Are you looking for a solution like this? Look no further!

The PosCloud restaurant software service provides solutions for hotel restaurants and F&B units, which are easily available to you through SabeeApp: log in to Marketplace as a registered user and select PosCloud. SabeeApp’s customer service team will assist you in activating and using the software. 

The service is available as a monthly subscription of 54 EUR / month, without any loyalty time requirement. The amount will automatically be added to your SabeeApp subscription. 

Contact our sales team for further information!


PMS system tailored to your needs

    • Set automatic price modifications depending on availability changes
    • Set different pricing with a few clicks
    • Create multiple rate plans and discounts
    • Set minimum night stay
    • Use dynamic pricing module for finding the most optimal price
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