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why to use property management system

Why to use Property Management System?

Egle Silenaite-Enyed
Feb 15, 2018 5:20:17 PM

If you are working in hospitality business, you must have met with the term Property management system (PMS). Fact of having PMS is a number one priority for nowadays accommodation providers.

Jump in the latest technology train - choose a Property Management System and be a modern host

 Do you consider yourself as a modern host? What makes you modern host, you might ask. The fact, that you use your computer to open Excel file with reservations, or that you use the internet to list your property online, doesn’t make you modern. Having a notebook on the reception desk or Excel file with reservations is past century! Most probably you had an embarrassing situation when you couldn’t quickly find a guest in your book or some information about the booking was messed up. Or did it ever happen that someone called you to book the room, you spend X amount of time to close this date on OTAs. Then guest called you back and made a modification, which means you again had to apply changes on OTAs… Finally guest cancelled the reservation and you ended up with no booking and wasted time just with this one reservation… I can bet it sounds familiar. The list of these situations could go on and on. So what is the solution? Simple - use Property Management System and you will start noticing how your workload is becoming lower and daily tasks becoming easier.

How Property Management System can help?

 There are many options that you can choose from when picking the right PMS for your business. But despite your choice, most of the systems will help you to save time on administrative tasks such as reservation maintaining, guest database creation, invoicing, communication with the guest, synchronisation with OTAs, reporting and many other tasks. Once you have a good PMS, system can do most of these, so called, daily tasks for you. Nowadays there are systems that also have integrated booking engines. This means that you can receive direct reservations and increased your own sales.

Once you start searching for PMS system, you can meet with two types: installed (local) and could based. More about difference between these two options read in our upcoming blog post.

However, doesn’t matter which one you choose, you definitely will benefit from the features that such systems provide.

 Property management system

 Keep following our blog and learn all what you need to know about running successful hospitality business and what tools can help you to optimise your success!

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