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Software Suite

All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.



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How to attract more guests? - tips from the world's largest OTA

The past few month has fundamentally changed the world's travel habits, but there are still methods which can help you increase the number of your bookings! is constantly monitoring traveller's behaviour all around the globe, and based on this data they worked out several steps to make your listings even more appealing, not only in the rest of 2020 but even in 2021!


  • Flexible rate

In these uncertain times, guests are looking for flexible booking options that allow them to make last-minute changes to their travel plans. You can capture more demand by adding a Flexible Rate with free cancellation from 0 to 6 days before arrival. 

  • Country/geo rate

As demand start to increase, expects the first wave of travellers to be domestic. Adding a domestic Country Rate to your property can help you attract potential guests living in your home country.

  • Child rate

Did you know that on average families stay 28% longer and book a 27% higher rate than couples and solo travellers? Avoid missing out on demand from this segment by setting up a Child Rate. It’s now easier than ever to configure your child pricing and occupancy to attract more families to your property.

  • Mobile rate

As domestic demand starts to increase, 74% of bookings will come from a mobile phone - according to's calculations. Add a Mobile Rate to your property to increase your visibility with customers searching on a mobile device.

  • Business rate

Domestic business trips are picking up again. Set up a Business Rate to make yourself more attractive to business travellers.

  • Occupancy based pricing

Occupancy-based pricing allows you to set different prices for the same room, based on the number of people staying in it. A room that fits four guests, for example, could also be booked by groups of three or less.

This allows you to reach an even broader group of travellers, and to fill your more spacious and valuable rooms more easily as you’re more visible on the website.

  • Solo occupancy rate

Solo travellers are one of the most important customer segments on, as they count for 8% of total daily searches. You can attract more single guests and maximise occupancy by offering them a dedicated price for your double rooms.

Capturing growing customer demand is now more important than ever. Make sure you’re set up for success with the right pricing for solo travellers.

Guest experience

  • Self Check In services

Make guests feel more comfortable with self check-inAround 18% of travellers in surveyed markets value self check-in more than competitive pricing and free cancellation. As demand returns, reassure potential guests by showing them that you have physical distancing measures in place at check-in.

  • Host profile

Half of the vacation rental listings on have a host profile. Research has shown that property listings that include details about the host attract more bookings than those that don’t.

Adding a host profile helps you stand out to the right guests and sets expectations from the start. It also increases the level of trust guests feel for your property, which can boost your bookings.

  • Online payments

Allowing guests to pay online can help reduce your operational workload when demand grows. When guests pay online, facilitates their payment on your behalf, which means less operational hassle for you.

Children policy

  • Allow children

If you don’t allow children at your property, then families travelling and booking together don’t see your listing on By allowing children to stay you can make your property visible to these kinds of guests on Booking.

Business trips

  • Work friendly programme

Capture demand from the business segment by joining the Work-Friendly Programme. data shows that business travellers cancel 57% less often than leisure travellers. And because business guests travel 19% more on weekdays compared to leisure guests, attracting them can help properties fill their rooms all year round.

The Work-Friendly Programme is for home properties that offer business travellers everything they need to work remotely. To qualify, you must complete and update your business requirements in the programme page on the extranet.

Flexible solutions

  • Flexible -1 day

In the uncertain times created by Coronavirus (COVID-19), travellers are looking for extra flexibility. is making it easier for them to find properties that allow free cancellation for longer. Converting your flexible rate plans to ‘Flexible - 1 day’ will help you capture bookings from the demand that exists today.

  • Early booker deal

The Early Booker Deal helps you boost occupancy early in the season by attracting guests who book their travels well in advance. strongly recommends that you set up this promotion for a minimum of 30 days in advance from check-in.

  • Last minute deal

Add a Last Minute Deal to boost your occupancy throughout the season. Attract guests who want to travel on short notice and are looking for a special price.

  • Risk free reservations

The Risk-Free Reservations programme allows you to add flexibility to your cancellation policies with no extra risk. If a guest decides to cancel, will try to find a new guest for you. If they can’t find one, will cover the original costs. It’s a win-win situation: no matter what, you get money for your bookings.


  • Precautionary measures

Make sure potential guests know what you're doing to help restrict Coronavirus. Let guests know what to expect by selecting any precautionary measures you are taking related to Coronavirus. These will be displayed as a banner on your property page on, as well as in the 'Fine print' section.

  • Health and safety standards

We’ve now made it easy for you to highlight any Coronavirus (COVID-19) health, hygiene & safety measures you may have in place – like physical distancing rules or specific food hygiene precautions – to help reassure potential guests about their stay.

There are now 24 specific hygiene, health and safety measures available. Once selected, these measures will be displayed to potential bookers on your property page.

The more you apply from these ideas the more you increase the chance of receiving new reservations via your account. Set your ideal combination of the steps above and be prepared for the future!

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Get the latest product and industry updates from the past 30 days and be the first to know about our latest developments.