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SabeeApp Houskeeping Mobile Application 

Privacy Policy

SabeeApp is committed to protect your personal data.

Housekeeping application (Housekeeping) is the extension of the housekeeping functionality of SabeeApp Hotel Management Software (SabeeApp). All the information you find in Housekeeping application is provided by SabeeApp. To be able to access Housekeeping app (login and use it) you need to own a valid user access to SabeeApp with a housekeeper role.

Housekeeping is not storing any of your personal details or data except your login credentials. Housekeeping application is tracking your housekeeping activity and might track your location where you used the app.

Housekeeping application may track your user activity anonymously to improve the user experience of the mobile application. This tracked information never assigned to or with your personal details and never shared with any third party. The tracked information never stored on your device, all information stored by Google as part of the provided services of Google Analytics & Fabric.io

All user activities are recorded with a timestamp and stored for 12 months by thePass Kft.