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SabeeApp Software Suite...

All the tools you need to automate your operation and grow your business.


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Hotel Reservation System

Embrace the Future with a Dynamic Hotel Reservation System

sabeeapp hotel reservation system

Manage Bookings and Reservations with our Hotel Reservation System

With SabeeApp's Hotel Reservation System, you can easily manage all of your hotel’s booking and reservation needs via a single, convenient, user-friendly software.

Make sure you have the hotel reservation management system you need! Juggling bookings and reservations manually, through an array of spreadsheets and documents, is a headache that can quickly become a nightmare.
Save yourself time and energy, while at the same time improving your hotel’s efficiency, by switching to SabeeApp.

Dynamic Online Reservation System, an Interactive PMS

Our Property Management System, or PMS, has been created by a team of hospitality industry professionals. Naturally, it features an online reservation system that will save you countless hours of confusion. At the same time, SabeeApp’s user-friendly features help guests with an easy to understand, hassle-free reservation experience.

In addition, our PMS also have additional features that are mandatory for the successful operation of a modern hotel. Just some of the services and features our PMS can offer:

online reservation system for hotels

Manage your reservations from one place


Front-Desk System (PMS)

Manage your daily administrative tasks conveniently from one place. Reservations, invoices, guest communication, housekeeping and reporting.
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Channel Manager

Up-to-date rates, availability and restrictions across all your connected OTAs. Automated, no more over-bookings.
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Internet Booking Engine

Boost your direct sales by allowing visitors to make commission-free reservations on your website.
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Payment Gateway

Secure hotel payment solutions. Involve your guests and guarantee all reservations with a successful payment. Charge virtual credit cards in bulk.
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GuestAdvisor Tools

Collection of applications allowing your guests to check-in online, view reservation details and book additional services.
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Unified Inbox

Handle guest communication in a single inbox, including Airbnb messages, email and SMS.
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hotel reservation software to get more bookings

Award-Winning Hotel Reservation Software

Since coming onto market in 2013, SabeeApp has gained many positive feedbacks from both customers and industry experts.


In 2015, SabeeApp was the winner of the Hungarian Ministry for National Economy’s “Startup of the Month” Award. Since then, our team has continued to push for excellence.


Through participation in international exhibitions in countries ranging from Turkey to the Netherlands, we’ve made contacts around the world. What’s more, we’ve brought home the very best cutting edge skills in order to help you and your hotel succeed.


Have a look at the hoteliers from Nigeria to Thailand,  who used our hotel reservation system and get to know the stories of SabeeApp clients  around the world.


Multiple Functions, One Hotel Reservation Software

SabeeApp is more than just a cutting-edge reservation system for hotels. In addition to providing you the tools you need and easily handle all your reservation needs, our software also provides a wide range of features:

Let our team of experts work for you!

SabeeApp’s online hotel reservation system is trusted by over 1300 partners in over 73 countries around the world. Our specialists have everything you need to take your hotel to the next level. With our user-friendly software, the confusion of having your hotel’s data in hundreds of documents, spreadsheets, and programs can finally come to an end.

Choosing SabeeApp as your hotel reservation system solution, doesn’t mean that you’ll be facing new digital headaches. In fact, with our services, there’s no need for an army of IT specialists to deal with technical problems. Our services have been designed with our clients in mind, and they are focused on the ease of use and accessibility. If you ever encounter any issues, our Customer Support team is always happy to help you with quickly resolving them.

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Find out more through our
free trial!

While we’re confident in the quality of our hotel reservation system software, we understand that choosing a new software can be a big decision. 

For that reason, we offer one-on-one consultations at no cost to you, as well as a totally free, 15-day trial account. Sign up for an online consultation with one of our advisors today!