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sabeeapp coming to thailand

SabeeApp is coming to Thailand: this time for good!

Egle Silenaite-Enyed
Aug 21, 2017 1:37:33 PM

SabeeApp is a company born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. When we started the business, we could have never imagine that soon we will start to gather customers from all over the world. And to our great surprise, most of those first customers were from far away Thailand!

We were aware of the amount of accommodation businesses that are located in Thailand and its’ surroundings but we could not predict that interest in our product will be so high. Maybe this is due to the fact that many hotels and resorts are being run by Europeans and they are searching for an European product to manage their business.
As years were passing by, we were getting more and more customers from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and this region.

In 2015 we went to Food and Hotel trade exhibition, basically just to see from close what is the deal and why we are being so well accepted in this market. Exhibition went very well and we felt that it’s time to take things more seriously and started to plan the opening of our branch office in Bangkok. It took us few years but here we are now!

This year once again we will participate in Food and Hotel exhibition (September 6-9) and after that, we will not leave Thailand completely.

We are opening the office in Bangkok which will serve for local customers needs. We will be able to provide help and support in local language and comfortable time, system will be available in Thai as well and plus we will have enormous possibilities to grow into near by markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and etc.

This will be absolutely big and important step to all of us in the company and also to our customers from Asian market. We are happy that we will be able to provide good service in their own language and suitable time. Hopefully this will increase trust among other accommodation providers and more of them will choose SabeeApp as their right hand for business management. After all, this is our goal and we just made on step closer towards it.

SabeeApp will be closer to you than ever before!
SabeeApp team

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