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Hotel housekeeping plays a bigger role than you think

Egle Silenaite-Enyed
Sep 27, 2018 2:00:11 PM

The hospitality business is built on guest’s happiness and satisfaction. Even the nicest and most modern rooms will not impress your guests if those rooms will not be clean and comfortable. Hotel housekeeping staff is responsible not only for the rooms but also for the whole hotel’s cleanliness. From the very first impression when guests step to the lobby, housekeepers are the ‘people behind the curtain’, responsible for the wow-factor.

Hotel Housekeeping staff responsibilities

Doesn’t matter how big accommodation is, there must be a cleaning personnel. The whole team of housekeepers or just one person (in the case of a small family business) have the same goals:

  • Cleanliness of the establishment. As mentioned before, not only hotel rooms must be clean, but also common areas of the hotel.hotel housekeeping
  • The functionality of the equipment. Housekeeping staff should not only clean the room but also make sure that all appliances in the room are working fine. Lately, hotel rooms are being equipped with more technology gadgets. Therefore housekeepers should be able to make sure that everything is working as it should.
  • Comfort in the room. It is not enough just to change the bed linen. Housekeepers also need to make sure that the mattress of the bed is not damaged or still is at it’s most comfortable state.
  • Make guests become loyal. Even the smallest touch to the detail can influence guest to return to your place next time. Placing nice colourful flowers on the desk or leaving a chocolate on the pillow can be the touch which will bring the guest back once again.
  • Guests privacy. Hotel housekeeping staff must be very discreet and understanding when it comes to guest privacy.
  • Maintenance not only of the rooms but also of the equipment, plants and arts. It might seem that housekeepers just clean the dust and change the bedsheets. However, truth is that they have much more on their task list.
  • Communication with other departments such as Front office, F&B; HR; Purchasing, Laundry and etc. 

Hotel Housekeeping can increase your hotel’s revenue

Housekeepers can also bring additional value to your business! How? You can offer value-added services, provided by your hotel’s housekeeping staff:

  • Laundry
  • Ironing
  • Dry cleaning
  • Shoe-polishing

Providing these services can help to raise the income not only for the hotel but also for the housekeeper in person. They can expect to get more tips after providing certain services.

As mentioned at the beginning of the blog post, the cleanliness of the hotel is the number one feature that guests are looking for. It is proven by many different kinds of research that Online reviews can have an amazingly huge impact for the hospitality business. If your place will have a few bad reviews about a room being not clean, this will encourage people to look for another accommodation. Doesn’t matter how smiley and polite your receptionists are. Doesn’t matter how exclusive or fancy your place is. When guests book a room at your hotel, they expect to get a clean and comfortable room for their stay.

So basically the summary of this idea is that hotel housekeepers are real worker bees. They have an amazing responsibility and their work matter much more than we might think at the beginning. Hotel Housekeeping staff are those people, who have to make sure that you will provide ‘Home away from Home’ feeling for your guest.

See how SabeeApp Property Management System help you with housekeeping management.

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