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SabeeApp Software Suite...

All the tools you need to automate your operation and grow your business.


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SabeeApp Roadmap - Plans for 2023 Q2

You demand improvement and new features. We deliver it, we are passionate about it. Based on our vision and your requests please find below the roadmap for 2023 Q2 with status updates. Please note, we will do everything possible to deliver it on time, but delays may occur, it is important to know that if there is a delay, it doesn't mean that that development won't happen, we are going to wrap up that development in the next quarter.

Last updated: 10.04.2023.


Introducing Folios and upgraded Invoicing system to SabeeApp I Status: Dev Ready, Testing
A redesigned account showing charges, payments and invoices made during a guest's stay. A few of the features: reroute services between reservations, multiple prepayment invoices, multi currency invoices and payments, separate folios for accommodation and consumption charges.

SabeeApp 4.0 I Status: In Progress
A complete User Interface and User Experience redesign of SabeeApp. It changes everything from the ground to the top, for the better.

Folio Updates I Status: In Progress
- split group prepayment between group members
- Route items between individual group reservations
- show included services in folios as well as invoices
- ability to create an technical invoice from services which are not related to any reservation
- add payment to any invoice in any currency

Add service related discounts I Status: Open
With this development you will be able to add a discount to exact services, so your guests will see more clear what they got the discount for

Setting the reason for cancelling an invoice I Status: Open
This developments aim is to provide reliable and quick information on why an invoice had to be cancelled. 

SabeeApp Videoacademy I Status: In Progress
SabeeApp VideoAcademy will be a new way of learning how to use any new feature in SabeeApp, or for your new employees to learn the use of the system, and get certified. In this version we are rolling out with SabeePay and Smart Solution teaching videos, the full version will be available together with the launch of SabeeApp 4.0


Adding Qnb payment gateway  I Availability: Turkey I Status: Open
Adding Qnb Fibnansbank integration to SabeePay opens up the use of SabeePay for our customers in Turkey

Accept Szép Kártya through SabeePay I Availability: Hungary I Status: Open

Adding Worldpay payment gateway  I Availability: Globally I Status: Open
Adding Worldpay integration to SabeePay will bring more choices to SabeePay Payment Platform.

Smart Solutions

Adding Apple Pay and GooglePay to Guest Advisor Mobile App I Status: In Progress
Guest consumption added to the room bill will be available to pay from Guest Advisor Mobile App, clear balance at the checkout with one single click.

Inviting your travel companion to checkin online I Status: In Progress
Tailored to the needs of group of friends or corporate, one reservation can be shared so all group members can check in online separately.

Share the virtual key with your travel companion I Status: In Progress
Guests will be able to share the virtual key with their room mates so everybody can open the door with their own mobile phones.

Adding SabeePay to Guest Advisor App I Status: Open
By adding SabeePay to GuestAdvisor app will allow guests to pay for their bill during online checkin or checkout. Payment methods includes ApplePay and GooglePay.


MyData I Available: Greece I Status: Open

EOS Claims - Refund Insurance for IBE and Customer Portal I Available: Global I Status: In Progress

RoomPrice Genie - RMS system I Available: Global I Status: Done

Smartpricing - RMS System I Available: Global I Status: Dev Ready, Testing

BeyondPricing - RMS System I Available: Global I Status: Open

POS366 - Restaurant software I Available: Global I Status: In Progress

r_keeper POS - Restaurant software I Available: Global I Status: In Progress

Gastronovi POS - Restaurant software I Available: Global I Status: In Progress

Rivilé - Financial and ERP Sytem I Available: Lithuania I Status: In Progress

Szép Kártya: OTP, KHB and MKB I Available: Hungary I Status: Open

Minut -cloud based IOT integration I Available: Global I Status: Open


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