SabeeApp Suite de Software

Todas las herramientas que necesitas para automatizar la operación de tu hotel y hacer crecer tu negocio.



Software de Operación Hotelera

para hoteleros conscientes


Software de Gestión de Apartamentos

para una operación suave


Sistema de Gestión de Hostales

por una experiencia de huésped excepcional

SabeeApp Suite de Software

Todas las herramientas que necesitas para automatizar la operación de tu hotel y hacer crecer tu negocio.



Nosotros somos SabeeApp

Ofrecemos servicios a profesionales del sector hotelero y les ayudamos a incrementar ingresos y satisfacción de huéspedes asimismo a reducir la administración.

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“…dirigir un hotel no se trata de administración todo el día. Nosotros creemos que el negocio de hotelería debería dedicarse crear un ambiente donde todos se sienten en casa. ¡Deja que SabeeApp haga la mayoría del trabajo así tú puedes concentrarte en ofrecer un servicio de alojamiento estupendo para gente maravillosa!"


Szabolcs Herman 

CEO & Fundador de SabeeApp

40+ empleados

El Equipo de SabeeApp está creciendo

7+ años 

Presente en el mercado desde 2013

70+ países

SabeeApp usado en más de 70 países


El crecimiento y los principales hitos de SabeeApp.

Desde 2011, nuestro equipo ha trabajado duro para desarrollar herramientas que simplifiquen la operación diaria de los profesionales de la hostelería.  Entonces nuestro director ejecutivo se dio cuenta de que existía la necesidad de algo nuevo en la industria; tenía su propio negocio de alquiler de apartamentos y tenía que lidiar con varios softwares diferentes para poder hacer el trabajo. Pronto nació la idea de un software todo en uno y se empezó a correr la voz de un nuevo sistema.

En 2013 SabeeApp se puso a disposición del público y no tardó mucho en convencer a los hoteleros.

En el primer año solo había 2 personas trabajando en la empresa, sin embargo, ahora hemos crecido significativamente y estamos orgullosos de nuestro equipo grande e increíble.


Junio 2015

Premio de Excelencia Empresarial

SabeeApp fue el ganador del premio “Startup del Mes” por parte de Ministro de Economía Nacional de Hungría.

Septiembre 2017

Feria hotelera en Tailandia

Hemos demostrado SabeeApp en el Food & Hotel Thailand (FHT) feria internacional de hospitalidad en Bangkok.

Octubre 2017

Nueva Oficina

Abrimos nuestra oficina en Bangkok ofreciendo soporte regional para nuestros usuarios en Asia.

Noviembre 2017

SabeeApp Reunión del Equipo

El equipo entero de SabeeApp ha visitado nuestro socio Myndos Hotel en Bodrum, Turquía.

Enero 2018

Feria en Turquía

Hemos presentado SabeeApp en el East Mediterranean International Tourism & Travel Exhibition (EMITT) en Istanbul.

Octubre 2018

Equipo Comercial Asia

Hemos organizado el entrenamiento personal para nuestros compañeros del equipo comercial en Penang, Malasia.

Mayo 2019

Feria en Los Países Bajos

Hemos presentado SabeeApp en Amsterdam en el Independent Hotel Show, una feria de hospitalidad dedicada a hoteles independientes.


Aunque SabeeApp fue creado en Hungría, con el paso del tiempo hemos abierto otras oficinas en varias ubicaciones. Ahora ofrecemos nuestros servicios en más mercados para ayudar a hoteleros a nivel mundial!


Nuestra oficina central se ubica en el corazón de Budapest, Hungría y sirve como nuestro centro en Europa.

Reino Unido

Contacta nuestro departamento de Desarrollo de Negocio o nuestros representantes de ventas para explorar tus posibilidades en el mercado del Reino Unido.


Nuestros compañeros nativos de ventas y de soporte con varios años de experiencia te ayudarán en el mercado turco.


La oficia en Bangkok funciona como el centro de operación para los clientes en Asia. Nuestro equipo local de representes de ventas se centraran en los mercados de Tailandia y Malasia.


A los miembros del equipo de SabeeApp les apasiona su trabajo y les encanta ayudar a los hoteleros. No solo enseñamos a nuestros clientes cómo funciona SabeeApp, sino que también les proporcionamos consejos relevantes sobre la industria hotelera.


Szabolcs Herman


Passionate about making things better.

I feel very lucky because at SabeeApp my work meets with my passion, spiced up with the best team ever. I'm obsessed with the seas and oceans, love sailing and diving.


Attila Surányi





Réka Fulmer

Product Owner

Right or wrong, the customer is always right -  and we all know that.

Passionate sea and sunset lover, serious coffee consumer, a patient listener and really afraid of birds


Tamás Kiss

Product Owner

Actually, my name is Máté.

      "position":"Product Owner",
      "favourite_animal":"Harpy eagle",

Dávid Máté

Senior Sales Executive

The Sales Knight Rises

As a proud member of the SabeeApp Team my advice to you is this: do what you love and always be yourself! Unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman!


Vivien Orbán

Customer Service Supervisor
(Maternity leave)



Adrienn Sovány

Office Manager

I love small things which make people happy.

I am believe that everyone can be happy in their own way, they just have to find that. My best and worst feature is my perfectionism. I love good conversations and positive attitude. Just don't bother me, when I am hungry.


Gábor Nagy

API wizard

Viktor Kis Jovák

Code magician

My name is Viktor...

...and I was too lazy to write my intro.


Tibor Bálint

Code magician

I've been working in SabeeApp since 2017 as a front end and back end developer.

I have been working as a freelancer with web-based programming since 2009.


Zsolt Surányi

Code magician

Szabolcs Kopasz

DevOps specialist

Virtually I'm living in the cloud.

My address is:
Server IP(X.X.X.X)

Find me if you have any question


Balázs Kecskés

Code magician

Zoltán Kozma

Code magician

Emese Eszes

Code magician

I practice witchcraft... infusing female energies into codes. I am the one who always wants to overautomatize, who complains about repetitive music on the radio, and who is willing to tinker on pixels anytime. However, at the end of the day I'm still an ordinary mother who sits down with her little one to carelessly sing and play.


Attila Rózsa

Code magician

The developer strikes back.

A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, I use it to code and debug.


Adrián Loncsárevity

Code magician

I am Ninepin Bowling Junior World Champion.

The athlete must be able to give up some things to be successful, but programming can't!


Roland Nemes

Code magician

Kristóf Pusztai

Junior Product Owner

“You may have great power to be large but you don't know but you don't know to helping someone we never say no like a superhero”  - Brains


Andrea Zelenka

Senior Sales Executive


... it's the word I use most frequently according to my family and friends. My favorites (besides them) are dogs, wines, cavas, beaches and traveling (many times to Egypt) although I'm a bit scared of flying.


Éva Miklós

Junior Sales Executive

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

I was travelling 7 months in South East Asia last year. My friends asked me what was the best place I visited? I saw many incredible places but the best experience was to get to know people and their culture. When my friends asked me why did I choose SabeeApp, I said because I like SabeeApp culture and the team is wonderful. My dream is to travel around the world with my dachshund, first I need a dachshund...


Ashira Pattanametasit

Senior Sales Representative in Asia

Everything will be OKAY when I am around because I am A-OK. Always willing to help you out with anything I could!




Szilvi Bolyki

Senior Sales Executive

I beat the CTO of SabeeApp in a pool game. Oh, and I own a pet chameleon named Pablo.


Umut Germeyan

Sales representative in Turkey



Emőke Tompkinson

Sales representative in the UK


I have the most amazing job of being a mother of 2 and the greatest opportunity of being part of the SabeeApp journey.


Alexander Sinner

Sales representative in Germany

I'm like the energy resources from Russia...

...was create there and now I'm needed in Europe - especially in Germany.


Kenneth Arnott

Business Development Manager

After over 20+ years working in hotels, I now get to supply hospitality venues with a cloud hotel management system that will let them spend time doing what really matters ……. focussing on their guests. Secretly, I’d love to open a shop that sells Cheese & German Beer.


Zsombor Fazekas

Junior Sales Executive

I am a speed enthusiast who loves fast motorcycles and fast solutions.


Dorka Forgács

Marketing Coordinator

You can ask me about anything...

...and by anything I mean even the latest celebrity news, pandas or my favourite hobby: food.


Virág Dajka

Marketing Assistant

Three words that describes me entirely: traveladdict, bookworm and animal lover. Right now, my biggest goal is to tick off everything from my bucketlist.


Katie Cziráki

Senior customer service representative
(Maternity leave)

They call me Mrs. SabeeApp. I survive on pig skin chips with sour-cream and the jokes I share with customers


Dóri Fábián

Customer service supervisor

“Everything happens for a reason.”
Probably a good one. #positivity


Serene Ramnee

Senior customer service representative

I'm Serene, and I'm serene until I see food. When I see no food, I become hungry.


Berfu Uzun

Junior customer service representative

Only place i enjoy senselessness is on Netflix. When it comes to support i'm all about clarity, logic and straightforward guidance. So, don't take it personally!


Dávid Perjési

Junior customer service representative

Just surf with the coach. Even tough we will always try to have as short journey as possible together don’t worry if we have to hang out longer we’d have a good time.


Szimi Qaradah

Junior customer service representative

Passionate about exploring the world and getting to know new people and cultures. Also I am the office’s wannabe DJ. 


Dorci Bánfi

Junior customer service representative

“Do your best, and be a little better than you are.”

Never stop striving to become a better version of you. Equal parts coffee and sarcasm, also I love The Office.


Brigi Kanizsai

Junior customer service representative

“Everyone teaches you something."

I’m a girl who would consider herself as a mix of cultural exchanges, languages, friends from worldwide and different mindsets. Passionate user of GIFs, memes and emojies.


Norbi Vinkó

Junior customer service representative

I’m a customer-oriented person with life and work experience in several countries like The Netherlands or Bali. I really enjoy travelling and I think the quote “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” is completely true.


Gábor Székely

Legal advisor of SabeeApp

My job is to make sure, that I have the least amount of work.

As I am the  Freelance lawyer for SabeeApp, I have to make sure that all legal aspects of the company are correct and in place. Less work I have - means I do a great job!


Love what you do. Love your clients. Love the people you surround yourself with. Find your work - life balance.

Come and join us, you'll see what we mean.

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