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“I would never imagined that a hotel software is able to help us to maximize the occupancy. SabeeApp played a critical part in our business since the opening."

Roxy másolat

Roxana Kiss
Hotel Manager, Hotel Rum Budapest

“As a small family run hotel, we used to do everything by ourselves on excel files. Now, the new system makes my life so much easier! I cannot believe how much time I'm saving! I can work from home, and moreover, our staff can also access all the information needed in the system with their own passwords. No more files being send by emails to different people or to myself in case I loose them. Now, everything is online and easy… And if we need help, our personal coach is always available to answer our question very quickly! What else you need…”


Marie Dervaux & Ahmet Ates
Hotel Managers, Hideaway Hotel

“This is the best web app for hoteliers. I love their channel manager that saved my time and prevented many mistakes. There are many tools for my small resort without any commission. The major change is the user interface which now is responsive, and I love it. New features were added such as Paypal Integration, Internet Booking for Facebook, and many bug fixes. That is the great changes.”

Warawut Sa-ardsin
Resort Manager, Fufu In Love Cottages

“Sabee has been fundamental in keeping our online business current and up to date. With internet and mobile changing the way we do business so rapidly, Sabee is on top of the game in terms of our requirements in the tourism industry. Day to day management of our guest house is now easier, more refined and has very good internet presence.”


James Hinsby
General Manager, Haus Kienreich

“Want to give your SabeeApp team a big "thumbs up" for the great work you've done with creating an affordable PMS/CHM for small businesses like ours. We're definitely not one of your largest clients, but we'r happy with SabeeApp and the excellent customer support!”

Jeroen van der Schenk
General Manager, Bed & Breakfast Monument076

Referenciák a hazai ügyfeleink közül 

Nemzetközi referenciáink az angol nyelvű oldalunk alatt érhetőek el.


Brody House - Budapest

The coolest place to stay in the city..." according to Hotel Guru. Choose from our 11 unique and individually designed bedrooms for short term stays. All rooms have ensuite bathrooms, free WiFi access and air conditioning. Each is unique and named after a Brody House artist whose works feature in what were often their former studios.

Brody House weboldala →

Liszkay Borkúria - Monoszló

A Liszkay Borkúria egyedülálló, exkluzív komplexum, ahol a borászat, a történelmi értékű pincével és a 9 szobás, panoráma-medencés luxus szálláshely együttese nyújt felejthetetlen kikapcsolódást.

Liszkay Borkúria meglátogatása →
Képernyőfotó 2019-02-21 - 16.21.13

Hotel Rum - Budapest

This 38-room chic boutique hotel is what happens when gifted interior designers obtain a generous budget. The 19th century building of Hotel Rum nestles on a surprisingly quaint downtown square next to the stately law school that breeds the Hungarian political elite. The meticulous interior is a far cry from the 19th century, showing instead an amalgamation of contemporary international styles.

Hotel Rum meglátogatása  →

Verdi Grand Hotel - Budapest

Newly built Verdi Grand Hotel is a four star superior property located in Budapest’s famous District 9, one of the most dynamic in the Hungarian capital. The Hotel has 198 rooms – standard, superior, deluxe twin/double rooms and suite – perfect harmony combining modern young style.

Verdi Grand Hotel meglátogatása →


Hive Party Hostel - Budapest

This huge party hostel, buzzing with atmosphere is in the heart of Budapest's party district. There is a huge bar, several restaurants on the ground floor. We have a rooftop terrace only for the guests. Contrasting its modest, historical beginnings the old walls are now part of a brand new hostel bursting with character and life.

Hive Party Hostel meglátogatása →

Templomvölgy Resort - Mátrakeresztes

Alapos és magas színvonalú tervezés és átépítés után 2010-ben nyitottuk meg a Ház kapuit Vendégeink előtt. A mátrai idegenforgalmi palettán olyan szálláshelyet akartunk létrehozni, amely megadja Vendégeinknek az Otthon kényelmét, de elfeledteti néhány napra a munkahelyi és otthoni gondokat.

Templomvölgy Resort meglátogatása →

Hotel Capitulum - Győr

A szálloda Győr történelmei belvárosában szívében található. 44 gyönyörűen berendezett szobával, privát mélygarázzsal és 0-24 órás recepciós szolgálattal várja vendégeit. Konferenciaterem, valamint a Győr barokk hagyományait tükröző enteriőr egyaránt hozzájárul, hogy a múlt dicsősége a jelen minőségében öltsön testet.

Hotel Capitulum meglátogatása →

Town Hall Apartments - Budapest

The SabeeApp has become a great help for our business. It is been helping us to improve our sales stats as well as cooperation between our front office, housekeeping and reservation department.

Town Hall Apartments meglátogatása →