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GuestAdvisor - Your complete travel concierge

GuestAdvisor acts as your personal concierge at the hotel. A guide that makes sure you never miss out on great experiences.

Online Check in

no more waiting at the reception desk, check in using our smartphone application

My Booking

review your booking details anytime, anywhere


order services, such as dinner or airport transfer, on your mobile

My Expenses

keep an eye on your expenses at the hotel

Call Reception

call your host with a single tap from the mobile application

Never get lost

you can get navigation back to your accommodation

Like a local

get recommendations on what to do in the local area directly from your host

Insider deals

get access to discounts and super deals

Offline mode

access static information without internet connection

GuestAdvisor is part of a much bigger package

GuestAdvisor Tools includes: Web customer portal, Virtual concierge on a tablet and smartphone.
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