Tracking user activity

To monitor the activity of your staff in your SabeeApp account, simply access the User activity menu. This menu provides a detailed list of the actions performed by your users. To open it, click on your avatar picture in the top right corner.

From the right side menu bar select the Accounts menu.

In this menu please select the User activity tab.

Within this menu, you'll discover a detailed breakdown of the tasks completed by users in your SabeeApp account. Each action is accompanied by its type, timestamp, and if it pertains to a reservation, the reservation code will also be visible.

Additionally, you have access to various filtering options that allow you to easily locate specific information you're seeking.

1. Log interval from - You can list from what date should the system list the operations.

2. Log interval to - You can list until what date should the system list the operations.

3. User - You can select from your users, so the system will list only those operations which were done by this particular user

4. Operation type - If you need to find a specific activity, you have the option to filter for it. For example, if you want to see when a blocked date was deleted, you can choose this operation type and search for the relevant item in the list.