Setting up your Property details

The initial step in configuring your property settings is to set the time zone. This setting is crucial as it determines the dates and times displayed throughout SabeeApp.

If your property details match your company information, simply use the Property Info same as company info slider. By sliding it to the active (green) position, the company information will be automatically imported into the property details.

If your property's information differs from the company details, just fill in the provided fields.

When you input your property address, the GPS coordinates will be automatically generated for you to import. Click on the "Get Coordinates by address" button. If you find that the generated GPS coordinates are not accurate, you can manually adjust the marker on the map by selecting the "Get Coordinates from map" button. This information is essential for your confirmation letter and booking engine, aiding guests in locating and arriving at your accommodation.

Your property details will be visible on your Internet Booking Engine and sent in the confirmation email when a booking is made through your booking engine.

If you are utilizing our GuestAdvisor module, a dedicated section will be available for you to provide helpful information to your guests on how to reach your accommodation. This can include details on parking, recommended routes, public transportation options, and more. Make sure to provide this information in all languages enabled for your guests to ensure clarity and ease of access.

After you are ready with the settings, please don't forget to click on the Save button to save all the settings.