Setting up your Company details

Setting up your company's data is an important step when starting to use SabeeApp. The company's EU VAT number is crucial, as it will be automatically validated with the European Commission

Setting up your Company details

Setting up your Company's data is one of the very first steps when starting to use SabeeApp.

Based on your company data we are able to find you in our database, and this is the info what our system is using for the automatic monthly subscription invoice creation.

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At the company details pay special attention to the company's EU VAT number. After you fill in this field we will automatically validate it with the European Commission. As per the regulations in Hungary, in the following cases, 27% of VAT will be automatically added on top of your subscription fee:

  • if you are operating a Hungarian company, regardless if you have an EU VAT number or not
  • if you are operating your company as a private person, regardless of the country of origin

Company details do not necessarily have to be the same as your Property's details (might be that the office of the company is on a different address than the apartment/s itself).

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By filling in your property address, the GPS coordinates are ready to import. Simply click on "Get Coordinates by address" button. If you feel that automatically generated GPS coordinates are not in the right spot, you can place the marker directly on the map by selecting "Get Coordinates from map" button. This information is used on your confirmation letter and booking engine to help guest locate and arrive to your accomodation.