What is a Room Type and why it is important?

In this article you will learn about the basic settings of a room type.

The room type is the basic unit that we are synchronising with the connected channels and your IBE. If you would like to add a new room type, just click on Settings in the top menu and then Room Types in the left side menu.

It is important to set Room types because on the channels and on your booking engine rooms are uploaded according to the types.

If you want to add a new room type, just click on Add new.

First of all, choose the property type. You might not necessarily upload a room type but a whole house or maybe a garage. According to the property type, you can set the room or the apartment type (single, double, studio, twin and etc.). Write a short description of it and fill the information fields. The fields which are marked with * are obligatory to fill!

In the Model name part, you can name your Room Type. This name will be displayed only on your IBE so it does not necessarily have to be the same name in your OTA's Extranet. Later you can modify room names and it will not have an influence on the synchronization process.

The number of guests will be the maximum number of people who can stay in this room type.

If you switch ON the Remove From Occupancy button, all reservations which you receive for this room type will not be calculated in your reports.

If you switch ON the not display on booking engine then the Room Type will not be bookable on your own IBE.

If your properties are not located on the same address, with the help of Address is same as the Property Address button you can define the exact location of your Room Type. In such a case, a Google Maps section will automatically be attached to all of your reservations that come from the IBE for this property. This option most of the time is used by the apartment rental businesses as apartments are located in different parts of the city.

If you would like to define a special Children Policy for a Room type, then set the "Use default Children Policy settings" to grey and write the appropriate policy here.

If you consider showing a different availability of your Room Types than what you actually have on the Internet Booking Engine, use the Show different availability on IBE option and define it there.

If the Needs to be cleaned option is switched on, your Housekeeping menu will be updated constantly with any Housekeeping changes related to that Room Type.

The second step is to add your facilities that belong to the given Room Type. You can import facilities from one room type to another, in case if they are similar or identical.

The last step for room type setup is to upload the pictures. If you have several of the same type properties (let’s say you have 5 studio type apartments) upload pictures of all of them and the customer will have more ideas about how this type of room looks like.