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All the tools you'll need to automate your hotel operations and grow your business.


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SabeeApp Software Suite...

All the tools you need to automate your operation and grow your business.


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SabeeApp Hotel Software

All-in-one hotel management system for
happier guests

Innovative hotel management system for modern hoteliers. 


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Hotel Management System for modern hoteliers

Our cloud based hotel management software offers user-friendly and highly customisable solutions for hotels, hostels and apartment rentals. You can confidently use our application without any extra technical knowledge. Since we believe in cloud based systems, you can access SabeeApp anywhere, anytime and from any device. Managing your hotel real-time has never been easier!

Front-Desk System (PMS)

Front-Desk System (PMS)

Manage your daily administrative tasks conveniently from one place. Reservations, invoices, guest communication, housekeeping and reporting.
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Channel Manager

Channel Manager

Up-to-date rates, availability and restrictions across all your connected OTAs. Automated, no more over-bookings.
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Internet Booking Engine

Internet Booking Engine

Boost your direct sales by allowing visitors to make commission-free reservations on your website.
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Paymnet Gateway

Payment Gateway

Secure hotel payment solutions. Involve your guests and guarantee all reservations with a successful payment. Charge virtual credit cards in bulk.
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GuestAdvisor Tools

GuestAdvisor Tools

Collection of applications allowing your guests to check-in online, view reservation details and book additional services.
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Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox

Handle guest communication in a single inbox, including Airbnb messages, email and SMS.
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Achieve your goals with our cloud hotel management system


Increase revenue

Let the OTAs compete for you. Synchronize your rates and availability in real time, get insights and analytics that put you in control. SabeeApp intelligent pricing helps you overcome your competitors.

Save Time using a Hotel Management System

Automating your workflow gives you more time, so you can focus on your customers. We will help you simplify your processes so you can be more efficient, while also enabling your staff to get their work done faster.

Hotel System: Commission-free, Direct bookings

Are you aiming for more commission-free direct bookings? Our multilanguage, conversion-optimised booking engine will help your direct bookings skyrocket, while also giving you the power to manage your own website.

Get your team involved

Housekeeping and the maintenance teams are an essential part of your business. Give them the right tools to streamline their work, making your operations smoother.

Make your guests happy

Bring guests into the fold. GuestAdvisor Tools are made to enhance your guests’ experience by letting them check-in online, book additional services, and give instant feedback. With these tools you can make their stay even more memorable.

Why choose SabeeApp hotel management system?

Everything at one place

SabeeApp as a useful hotel management software combines all the functions you need to run your business smoothly, such as booking engine, PMS, reporting, channel manager or even a unified inbox for Airbnb owners.

No more needless paperwork

You can forget about manual repetitive tasks, such as taking care of bills, or handling bookings. Our hotel software saves you tons of time.

You are never alone 

Our devoted customer support team with great problem solving skills is always ready to assist you.

Instant guest feedbacks

SabeeApp reduces guest complaints: you aren’t going to loose any guest reservations accidentally, because you can keep your guest data organized in one hand.

On-the-go solutions

Keep up with back-office tasks within a few clicks. It’s not a problem if you are on your way somewhere! SabeeApp hotel management software runs in the cloud and you can reach it from anywhere and from any device.


Simplify and automate your operations with our hotel management system, so you can spend your time on what really matters: your guests.

We believe in transforming the over-complicated world of hotel management by making it simple yet profitable.

Our ultimate goal is to help you maintain profitability and grow your hospitality business. SabeeApp hotel system is here to work for you.


SabeeApp is proudly helping thousands of customers from over 70 countries

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