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Together we can get through this

A collection of hotel industry related information about the coronavirus outbreak.


Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends!

We are deeply aware of the economic impact that COVID-19 has already had and will continue to have on many businesses. However, it is encouraging to see that the Chinese economy and health is returning, which we believe shows an example of the path that we have ahead of us and that recovery is not too far in the future.

It’s the kindness and support that we give to each other that will help us get through these unprecedented times.

Use this time wisely, stay positive and prepare for the next period ahead of us. Competition will be fierce once this is all over.

Be safe, and stay positive!



Szabolcs Herman

We are here to assist you with helpful information and best practices

Communication strategies during Covid
24.03.2020 / 3 mins read
Communication strategies during and after COVID-19

The key to successfully keeping your customer base during these difficult times is well-thought-out and well-timed communication.
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Free Online collaboration tools
24.03.2020 / 2 mins read

Free tools, to make your homeoffice easier

Corona virus has changed dramatically the way we live and work, and this new situation has urged quick adoption from enterprises which are operating in the hospitality industry.
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20.03.2020 / 3 mins read
How to navigate your hospitality business throughout the crisis

If you're a hotel owner or have any kind of hospitality business that is affected by the current situation, read on to learn what we recommend you do, so that you can...
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16.03.2020 / 2 mins read
Coronavirus  - How does it affect SabeeApp?

Read on to find out how we tackle the challenges the coronavirus has brought about, and what content and upcoming developments you can expect to see from us in the near future.
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We are here to assist you with hands-on guidelines

Keep calm

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and for the future of your hospitality business during a crisis situation is to try to stay calm. Panicking will definitely not lead you in the right direction. Make sure it is not just you keeping your mind cool under the pressure, but your entire team, so that you can make the right decisions together.


In order to get through these rough times it is crucial to keep communication going - both within the team and between you and your current or potential guests.

Regularly check in with your colleagues to show them that they are cared for, and that together you will overcome this situation. Don't stop posting on your social channels or sending out newsletters either. You can still build trust by letting your followers know what safety measures your hotel staff has taken, or by keeping them up-to-date regarding any operational changes. 


Use your extra time due to the lack of reservations to learn. Keep your spirits up and encourage not only yourself but also your staff  to analyze the details of your roles, find your pain points, then learn and grow together.
We at SabeeApp are working hard to help you make this process easier, and we also ensure that all learning materials and tools you may need are available to you and your staff online.

  • If you'd like to learn more about our software visit the Support Center, which you can conveniently access directly from your SabeeApp account. Here you can also sign up for extra free trainings, which we will offer until the end of May.
  • We are regularly updating our blog with useful articles, which will feature among others topics such as automation and revenue management.
  • Additionally, we have prepared a list of online platforms for you, which you can utilize for online communication and collaboration within your team. 

Revise your processes

Now is the time to revise your daily operation, and determine where and how you can improve.
Are you using the right tools to automate your processes and to make your job more effective? How can you optimize your workflow? Answering these questions and devising a new plan after reviewing your current situation will keep your business competitive.

In an upcoming blog post featuring this topic, we will discuss what an optimal process of an automated hotel looks like. Stay tuned!

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From our upcoming developments



Thomas Kiss
Product Owner

Regular developments are very important for us. Our team will not stop in these difficult times either, and we are preparing with some useful new features.

Some planned developments: 

  • Completely redesigned reservation details
  • Multi-Folio
  • New reports
  • Major upgrades on Guest Advisor tools
  • Redesigned, powerful Quick add service
  • Cashdrawer
  • Omnichannel SabeePay upgrade

If you'd like to learn more about our lates developments, visit the 'Release notes' section in the new Support Center.

Our support for online education



Reka Fulmer
Head of Customer Service

We see that educational institutions all over the world are temporarily closing down campuses and moving all curriculum online. This can prove to be a difficult task for those who don't have experience with online teaching.

This is why we want to do our part in training the future generation of hotel experts. In an online webinar, we can teach students how to use a cloud based hotel management software and also give them the chance to practice on their own from home.

If you would like to organize a SabeeApp webinar for your students feel free to contact our team!

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