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SabeeApp Development Roadmap

Check out what are we planning, or working on right now

Trivago Integration


One of the biggest metasearch engines. The integration will allow you to advertise on Trivago and get more bookings.

Unified Inbox


The unified inbox is a one-place communication tool. You will be able to receive messages sent to you from Airbnb, Booking.com, Email, SMS and push notifications, and see them in one beautiful unified inbox.

The best part of it is that you can also answer to these messages. This way you can save a lot of time, and keep all your communication in one place.

Adding schedule possibilities to services


There are many reasons why you would like to schedule service: e.g. guest books a surfboard for two days, or an afternoon yoga class. You will also be able to schedule services for an exact time, so airport transfers, table reservations and many more will be scheduled in SabeeApp.

Cashier Desk


Keep track of the cash that comes in and goes out in each shift, in multi-currency.

Self Mapping Channel Manager


Enabling more channel manager functionalities to you, such as mapping, will bring you additional transparency and peace of mind.

Intelligent Pricing


Wouldn't it be good if someone would monitor all your numbers every second, 24 hours a day, and always be ready with the highest price possible with the highest chance to sell on all your sales channels.

We will shortly introduce SabeeApp Intelligent Pricing. This professional tool will help you to increase your revenue in general with 5 - 15%, and save at lease 8 hours of work a day.

Adding more currencies to SabeePay


We are currently negotiating with a few Payment Gateway providers in order to be able to make the payments available in more currencies. These are: CHF, GBP, THB, TRY. More currencies to follow.

Adding SabeePay to GuestAdvisor


Enabling the full possibilities in GuestAdvisor, virtual concierge. By adding SabeePay to GuestAdvisor, enables your guests to fully pay the accommodation or any other service they book with one click of a button.

Room allotment


Do you have an allocation contract with an offline tourist agency? Then this is your feature. Assign rooms to a partner so no other parties can book them. Set the release period for them, so you can sell online if the partner hasn't sold them all.

A mobile application for maintenance staff


Assigning tasks from housekeeping and reception quickly, and solving the maintenance issues seamlessly is a critical task at a hotel. This mobile application will help improve communication and get things done faster.

GuestAdvisor meets Smart Lock


Smart lock integration with GuestAdvisor virtual concierge brings your guests a modern way to enter the room and gives you more control over who and when enters the room.

Invoicing from multi-company

Are you operating apartments with multiple legal entities? This function will give you the ability to choose the issuer company within one SabeeApp account.

Group bookings improvments

We aqre going to make serious improvments on group handeling procedures: updating country info for all guests, editining personal data of the group members while staying on the group booking page, merge groups and rooming list.

Google Hotel Ads Integration


SabeeApp integration with Google Hotel Ads.

Collect Instant Feedback


Instant feedbacks are important as you can figure your right away if your guests are not happy. We are going to develop a functionality serving this purpose in GuestAdvisor virtual concierge.

Tatil Sepeti


Integration with a well known turkish OTA: Tatil Sepeti.

Update on dealing with prices


Linking roomtypes together to calculate automaticaly the price of the linked room. Flowless pricing grid.

All features, modules and add-ons mentioned above will be developed. We can not tell you exactly when, because of the nature of a development. Maybe it takes more time then expected on business research, or we have to regroup our development resources. We always do our best to deliver new functionalities as soon as possible with the highest quality possible.

When you plan to use a new feature, always take in consideration the following tags:

 #NEW - means that we accepted to develop on our regular product meetings, but no further steps were made yet.
 #PLANNING - means that business planning is completed and technical planning is on. Once the plans are done and validated we are going to include in one of the following development stages.
 #DEVELOPING - means that developers are coding hard to deliver the feature as soon as possible.


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