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January's Updates

by Thomas M. Kiss, on Mar 22, 2019 2:19:30 PM

Prices menu

Prices menu were separated and now are listed in the main top menu.
Once you open Prices menu, you will see all your rate plans listed in the separate boxes. You can also see the different specifications of each rate plan. This makes it easy and simple to notice differences between rate plans.

Rate plan boxes

When you open particular rate plan, you can select to see prices of all room types at once or filter and display only particular room types.

Display more currencies when adding new reservation

Currency display

In case you are using more currencies in your Sabee's account, now you can easily see the daily price when uploading a new reservation. In the new reservation pop-up you will be able to check the amount in all the other additional currencies that are being used in your account.

Minor updates

  • Now you can search from already existing partners when uploading the reservation manually. 
Search existing partners


  • The city tax invoice is calculated in the transaction report
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