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SabeeApp Software Suite...

All the tools you need to automate your operation and grow your business.


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Contactless guest experience

Free webinar hosted by SabeeApp


What is the webinar about?

Rebuilding trust in travel safety is of a key importance. In a post-pandemic environment, hotels need to pay special attention to adapting contactless workflows into their operation, in order to ensure the safety of their guests. 

Learn more about how you can achieve improved safety measures and exceptional guest experience. Use technology to your advantage, while you maintain human interactions as the true essence of hospitality:

Contactless guest experience in the age of mobile
by SabeeApp Hotel Management System

  • What challenges do hoteliers face post pandemic?
  • How can keyless room opening improve guest experience?
  • How can you engage with your guests pre-arrival and during stay?

Contactless entry solution
by Assa Abloy Global Solutions

        • How does a secure digital key work throughout the hotel?
        • How to reduce risk of contact with potential surface area?
        • How the implementation of Mobile Access works for existing and for new hotels?

Smart, simple & keyless access to vacation properties
by Nuki Home Solutions

            • What are the major challenges when it comes to the check-in?
            • What are the advantages of a Smart Lock?
            • How can Smart Locks help to manage properties remotely?
Szurmik Tamas
Tamas Szurmik
Mobile Hospitality Specialist

Tamas is a consultant for the SabeeApp team from the beginning, working closely to create the smoothest guest experience for hotels and vacation rentals alike. He laid the foundation of the GuestAdvisor Suite including reservation management, check-in and keyless room opening across mobile, kiosk and web platforms. Tamas has several years of experience building mobile products for industries like Healthcare, Travel, eCommerce and Fintech helping product teams to grow and craft customer facing product strategies.


David Domse
David Domse
Regional Sales Manager Central Europe South

David is the Regional Sales Manager at ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, responsible for VingCard access control system sales in Hungary and the Balkan region. David has 9 years’ experience at ASSA ABLOY, which is the largest global supplier of intelligent lock and security solutions, with operations in more than 70 countries all over the world in more than 7 million hotel rooms.


Philipp Seibald
Philipp Seibald
B2B Business Development Manager

Philipp is the B2B Business Development Manager at Nuki Home Solutions GmbH, responsible for the acquisition and support of key account partners  in the short rental sector. Before joining Nuki, he worked as a sales manager in the automotive sector and in the field of measuring devices and sensor technology for the industry. He has spent several months traveling the world, thus gaining insights into the vacation rental industry from the guest's point of view.