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SabeeApp is now a preferred IT provider of Booking.com

Egle Silenaite-Enyed
Feb 3, 2016, 3:54:12 PM

Your ability to set clear goals, and then to work toward them every day, will do more to guarantee your success than any other single factor.” - Brian Tracy

preferred partners

As you all know, together with our customers, we have been working in order to create a best product. Our customers - is like another SabeeApp team member that keep coming up with great ideas and suggestions.

In exchange of ideas, we are trying to make them live with a highest quality possible. Our work haven’t been unnoticed.

You already know that since last year we have our own direct connection with one of the biggest OTAs - Booking.com. Since then our team was working hard to ensure that connection to this channel would be smooth and fast.

There are several criteria that Booking.com is raising for channel manager providers. If channel manager is able to fulfil them, they can become the Preferred IT Providers of Booking.com.
Those criteria contains various factors, such as booking retrieval time, number of overbookings and many other details that helps to ensure that channel manager is providing quality service.

We are so happy to announce that since 1st of January, 2016 SabeeApp became the Preferred IT Provider of Booking.com!

This status gives us not just a title, but a confidence to what we do. It means we have been moving to the right direction all this time and your support and cooperation all along has a big contribution to this achievement.

We will keep working hard and make sure that you get the best service possible!
Find out more about SabeeApp 2 way Channel Manager .

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